Open Electives

The contemporary learning ecosystem centred around holistic formation of students looks beyond the existing disciplinary boundaries, and enables gaining expertise in more than one discipline. Open Electives are courses which students can choose from other disciplines, and they have an opportunity to study up to four courses in disciplines of their choice. SJCC, being primarily a commerce college, offers students an opportunity to pursue Elective Courses in disciplines such as entrepreneurship, web designing, human resource management and marketing taught by experts in their respective domains.

Open Electives Subject List for Under Graduate Programmes

Sl. No Subject Code Title of the Paper
1 UG21OE001 Graphic Design
2 UG21OE002 Basics of Data Science
3 UG21OE003 Introduction to Film Criticism
4 UG21OE004 Cricket Culture, and Media
5 UG21OE005 Media, Technology and Society
6 UG21OE006 Sustainable development goals
7 UG21OE007 Youth, Gender and Identity
8 UG21OE008 Stories as Therapy
9 UG21OE009 Development Studies
10 UG21OE010 Introduction to Social Work
11 UG22OE011 Basic Programming Skills
12 UG22OE012 Contemporary Indian Economy
13 UG22OE013 Digital Design using HDL
14 UG22OE014 Environment and Public Health in Contemporary Society
15 UG22OE015 Environment and Sustainable Agriculture
16 UG22OE016 Foundation of Behaviour
17 UG22OE017 Globalisation and World Politics
18 UG22OE018 Human Rights
19 UG22OE019 Indian Polity Issues and Challenges
20 UG22OE020 Machine Learning using R Programming
21 UG22OE021 Office Automation
22 UG22OE022 Psychology of Health and Wellbeing
23 UG22OE023 Public Policy and Good Governance
24 UG22OE024 Public Policy in Indian Context
25 UG22OE025 Python Programming
26 UG22OE026 Sociology for Everyday Life