Seven Days National Level Experiential Workshop on Research Methodology

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About Research Centre

The College has full-fledged research centre to inculcate research capabilities among students, research scholars and teaching fraternity. Faculties are encouraged to take up government and non-government funded projects sponsored by agencies like ICSSR, UGC, and Niti Ayog. Centre ensures, timely completion of the projects in compliance with policies of sponsoring agency. Whenever required, the guidance on scientific and other procedures are extended to project directors. On periodic basis, the Centre organizes FDPs, workshops, seminars, and conferences of national/international repute to discuss issues and exchange innovative ideas on specific topic. Its ISSN numbered Bi-Annual Peer Reviewed Journal serves as a transparent forum to facilitate scholarly communication. The Centre is committed to build research integrity and extend need-specific training programs through state-of-art facilities of the institution.

Obtained ‘Research Centre’ status from Bangalore University in the academic year 2010-11 to conduct research program leading to PhD degree in Commerce.

Centre renewed its ‘Research Centre’ status for consecutive two cycles i.e. in academic year 2013-14 and 2019-2020.

Currently, the Centre comes under a purview of Bangalore Central University.


Create an outstanding research ecosystem by adapting integrity, diversity, quality and creativity in all research endeavors


  • Establish transparent research administration and an efficient process for its execution

  • Ensure quality research by complying with the highest ethical standards

  • Collaborate with research community for interdisciplinary studies

  • Strengthen researchers’ capabilities to obtain and manage grants

  • Broaden research culture among student community

  • Provide research infrastructure and resources

Aims and Objectives

  • Bestow overarching structure for the enhancement of ethical research

  • Co-ordinate the PhD program of Bangalore University

  • Offer supervision and guidance to Ph. D scholars

  • Encourage government/ non-government funded projects among faculty members

  • Disseminate research findings through department publication

  • Organize seminars, conferences, workshops, experiential training programs through experts

  • Make available various databases, software and required infrastructure

Dr. Deepika Joshi
Assistant Research Director
Email :
Ph. Nos: (080) 2536 0644 / 46