Innovation & Best Practices

St. Joseph’s College of Commerce has always strived to offer the best education to its students. It has lived up to the expectation of the society and this has been possible only through a conscious effort at promoting innovation in the development of curriculum, teaching-learning methods, value-added education, skill development programmes, collaborations with the industry, international collaboration, community outreach and the holistic development of students. Innovation at SJCC is a result of comprehensive feedback system which includes feedback from students, staff, parents, industry representatives and academic audits. New ideas and methods generated from the analysis of the feedback are incorporated in order to improve the quality of education.

The college has introduced and regularized some of the best practices in the field of higher education. These best practices have given a distinctiveness to the college and ensured quality education in the field of commerce and business administration.

Lazy Loaded Image Higher educational institutions in India have been playing a crucial role in the evolution of the knowledge communities and societies dedicated to the advancement of knowledge. To this end, the participation of all stakeholders, including the involvement of students in the institutional quality enhancement process is important. Students’ participation in quality enhancement is an ongoing and continuous practice at this college.

Students are seen as citizens in the making who contribute to the overall growth and development of the society. They are the major forces who continuously strive to extend the frontiers of knowledge. Students’ participation in quality enhancement is viewed as an opportunity through which they can participate in its continual development. This also generates a sense of belongingness towards the institution and instils a sense of responsibility for maintaining the quality of education of the institution.

Lazy Loaded Image St. Joseph’s College of Commerce offers and prepares students for various professional programmes as part of its diverse and progressive curriculum. These professional programmes cater to both international and Indian requirements, enabling and empowering students to become industry-ready. Given the increasing demand for qualified and certified professionals globally, the college has been continuously trying to reinvent its programmes to meet the global standards.

The college offers the following integrated professional programmes along with the BBA and B. Com programmes:
Chartered Accountancy (CA)
Chartered Accountancy (CA)
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)
Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA)

Lazy Loaded Image St Joseph’s College of Commerce welcomes collaborations with other international universities with an aim to expand and strengthen interdisciplinary research in field of commerce and management studies. Students who aspire for an international experience benefit from such partnerships.

The college has paved the way for International exchange programmes through its International twinning initiatives, cultural exchange and summer abroad programmes. These programmes are an enriching and refining experience at many levels. They steer personal and professional development among students by kindling creative ideas, strengthening relationships and instilling cultural sensitivity. In recognition of the said objectives, the institution has collaborated with Swansea University of UK, Kobe College in Japan, ESDES in France, Eastern Institute of Technology, in New Zealand, University of St. Andrews, University of The West of Scotland, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Seattle University and Concordia University.

Lazy Loaded Image Social exclusion is a predicament in most developing countries. It usually manifests in a pattern, where a minority of the population enjoys considerable economic and social opportunities, compared to the majority who are often left neglected and deprived. To bridge this gap, St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, has been continually taking special initiatives to support the students coming from the weaker, underprivileged sections of the community and also from disadvantaged circumstances. Equal access to education for such students has been the objective of the college.

Lazy Loaded Image SJCC offers industry integrated programme, B.Com (BPM – Industry Integrated), to enable students to pursue a career in the ITeS Industry. Courses are designed in collaboration with Ernst & Young (EY) as well. The college relentlessly strives to bring on board globally relevant as well as value–added programs to prepare students to the ever-growing industry demand for trained professionals.

Lazy Loaded Image St. Joseph’s College of Commerce has implemented the Outcome-based Education (OBE) model. Outcome-based education is an educational theory that focuses on setting academic goals and working towards achieving those goals in a systematic manner. The aim is to have each student achieve this predetermined goal by the end of the educational programme. The curriculum for all the programmes have set programme objectives and programme outcomes.

Lazy Loaded Image Professional Certification Programmes are an integral part of the academics in the college. The proposals for these programmes are open to be designed by the public. The invites are given well before the academic year and are then scrutinized by an expert committee, to select the best and most relevant programmes. Apart from this, the college designs a number of certification programmes which are offered alongside the accepted proposals. These programmes are designed to encourage the desire for learning and expanding their capabilities. The unique feature of these certification programmes is that the students are exposed to a wider opportunity of prioritising their learning based on their preferences. The range of these programmes go beyond commerce and management studies to include theatre, cinema appreciation, history of ideas and foreign languages.

Lazy Loaded Image The institution emphasizes the development of physical fitness along with intellectual growth in its endeavour to provide quality education. The college has carved out a name for itself in the field of sports and games. Students are encouraged to participate in inter-class and inter-collegiate tournaments. Sports and games are essential for many reasons. They not only help maintain good health but also foster friendship and good behavior.

Admissions to the sports quota includes a talent search at micro level which includes rigorous testing and scrutiny of prior experience and training. The selected candidates are given admission provided they meet the academic requirement. The teams thus constituted get regular training from profession coaches. They are encouraged to participate in state, national and international level competitions and tournaments.

The college sports teams have won laurels to the college by winning tournaments at the national level. Some of the greatest personalities in the sporting field like Rahul Dravid graduated from this college.