SJCC is Ranked 65th in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF – India Rankings - 2023) by the Ministry of Education, Government of India.   |   Accredited with A++ Grade (4th Cycle) CGPA Score of 3.57 on 4.0 Scale by NAAC.   |   Recognised by UGC as 'College with Potential for Excellence’.   |   College Recognised under Section 2 (f) & 12 (B) of the UGC Act, 1956   |  

Faculty Authored Books

S.No Name of the book ISBN Name of Author Name of Co-Author Publisher
1. Re-imagining Higher
Education: An SJCC
Experience – A
Compendium of Best
978-93-5445-358-8 Dr. Daniel Fernandes, SJ - St. Joseph’s College of Commerce (Autonomous)
2. Quality Paradigms in Higher Education:
Institutional Policies
at SJCC – A Handbook
978-93-5457-335-4 Dr. Daniel Fernandes, SJ - St. Joseph’s College of Commerce (Autonomous)
3. Impact of Stree Shakthi Programme on Socio-Economic Empowerment of Marginalised Women in Karnataka 978-93-89555-98-1 Dr. Poornima Vijaykumar - Sapna Publishers
4. Unsung Heroines Who Work from Dawn to Dusk, Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women through Self-Help Groups: In Select Rural Districts of Karnataka 978-620-2-53138-2 Dr. Poornima Vijaykumar Christina Aroojis, Preemal Maria D'souza Lambert Academic Publishing
5. Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology Applications 9781119621201 Vedapradha R Hariharan Ravi & Arockia Rajasekar Scrivener Publishing LLC
6. Diaspora 978-620-3-30718-4 Dr Neeti Roy - Lambert Academic Publishing
7. Tourism Marketing 978-93-90157-08-2 Dr. Raja Jebasingh Ms. Lalitha Krishna Murthy, Dr. Arockia Rajasekar DPS Publishing House
S.No Name of the book Publisher ISBN Name of Author
1. An empirical study of
working capital management
Lambert Academic Publishing 978-620-0-53047-9 Dr. Ruqsana Anjum
2. Kichillada Bege Shramana Prakashana 978-81-939983-0-4 Dr. T.H.Lavakumar
3. Migrant Construction
Status in Bengaluru
The Reality
Lambert Academic Publishing
(International Publication)
976-620-059542-4 Ms. Muktha Kumar
4. Impact of Monetary policy
accouncements on pricing
of shares - Astudy
Lambert Academic Publishing 978-620-0-78398-1 Dr. Ravi Darshini
5. A study on credit risk
management of educational
loan in Indian banks
Lambert Academic Publishing 978-620-0-78717-0 Dr. Suganthi Pais
S.No Title Publisher ISBN Author Co-author
1. Financial Accounting McGraw Hill
Education (India)
Private Limited
13: 978-93-87572-84-3 Ms. RuqsanaAnjum -
2. Corporate Accounting McGraw Hill
Education (India)
Private Limited
13: 978-93-87572-83-6 Ms. RuqsanaAnjum -
3. Advanced Financial
McGraw Hill
Education (India)
Private Limited
13: 978-93-5316-478-2 Ms. RuqsanaAnjum -
4. Advanced Corporate
McGraw Hill
Education (India)
Private Limited
13: 978-93-5316-477-5 Ms. RuqsanaAnjum -
5. Advanced financial
Mayas Publishers 978-93-87756-55-7 Dr. Selvi S -
6. Pigmy Deposit
Schemes : Role
in Micro-savings and
Employment Creation
Academic Publishing
978-613-9-92333-5 Ms. Komal A Dave Ms. TasmiyaHussni
S.No Name of the FacultyMember Title of the Book/ Monograph Publisher ISBN
1. Dr.L. Augustin Amaladas (2017) Environmental Accounting
Quantitative Approach -
Indian Based Company
Academic Publishing
2. Dr. Karthika &
Dr.Padmasani (2017)
Export problems and
Prospects of MSMEs in
Textile industry
Scholar Press,Germany 978-620- 2-30597- 6
3. Dr. Sridhar LS Price Discovery of Equity
Index Futures and Spot
Market in India
Scholar Press,Germany 978-3-639-66955-8
4. Ms. RuqsanaAnjum Financial Accounting Tata Mcgraw Hill
Publishing Co Ltd
S.No Name of the Faculty Member Title of the Book / Monograph Publisher ISBN / ISSN
1. Dr. Anupama S.Kotur (Kaddi) A Case Study on
Wine Tourism in India
Cab International ,
2. Mr. Gridhar Naidu Principles and
Practice of Auditing
Skyward Publishers
3. Mr.Mohamed Ashfaque 'Enterprise Resource Planning -
Concepts and Thoughts'
Scholars Press 978-3-330-65047-3
4. Dr.D.RajaJebasingh HRD Climate in Health
Care Industry
Lambert Academic
Germany (In Print)
5. Vedapradha. R, Dr.HariHaran Ravi ERP - Panacea to Business Scholar Press, Germany 978-3-659-84475-1
S.No Name of the faculty member Name of the book ISBN No. Publishers Name
1. Dr. Hariharan Ravi Corporate Governance and the
Performance of Banks in India
978-3-639-71049-6 Scholars’ Press , Germany
S.No Name of the Faculty (s) Title of the Book Name of the Publisher and Place
1. Prof. Augustin Amaldas & Ms.Anitha Mary Cost Management Kalyani Publishers, Bangalore
S.No Author Title of the Book Name of the publication
1. Mr. Augustin Amaladas Stock market and commodity market Kalyani Publications
2. Ms .Clara John Stock market and commodity market Kalyani Publishers
S.No Author Title of the Book Name of the publication
1. Prof. Augustine Amaladas Corporate Financial Knowledge integration Himalaya Publishing House, Bangalore
ISBN: 97-93-5051-688-1
2. Dr. D. Raja Jebasingh Organizational Behaviour Thakur Publishers, Bengaluru
ISBN: 978-93-82249-67-2