Bridge Course


During the admission process, all students are informed about the bridge course and the course work available on the website (videos and worksheet). The subject teachers instruct the students to refer the videos and submit the duly completed assignments once the classes commence. The date for the Bridge Course Exam is communicated to the students. Few contact classes by respective subject teachers are conducted to clarify the doubts of the students in the topics of the test. A one hour written test for 20 marks is administered.

The Remedial Class Committee identifies slow learners through Bridge Course Test and eventually these students will get enrolled to the remedial classes.


Remedial Coaching is a midcourse improvement program that is organized each semester with the objective of hand-holding our students and providing learning support to improve their academic performance. The institution believes in ‘Cura personalis’- personal care and concern for the individual and it is one of hallmarks of Ignatian philosophy. Here individual care and attention is given to each learner. Remedial coaching is one of the efforts undertaken in this regard.

The remedial programme at SJCC is the backbone of academic excellence. In this programme students who require academic support are identified and offered one- on-one assistance by advanced learners.

The institution structured remedial programs with the peer learning model in order to enhance the students' interest in learning and to make the learning process a more joyful experience. In this model of peer support, the teaching is handled by a 'student tutor’ who will be responsible to teach the ‘student tutees' under the guidance of the subject teacher. The tutors will be guided with respect to the concepts and topics to be covered by the respective subject teachers.