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Warm greetings from St. Joseph’s College of Commerce (Autonomous)
Education fundamentally deals with human experience. It is a process of comprehending and interpreting human experiences. Education is also an enabler of action that seeks to better the experience of our lives. It is at the same time a process of acquiring knowledge and putting that knowledge to use in the society. The long history of education is a testimony to this. For centuries, colleges and universities have trained students not just to be the best in their professions but also to be the best in their social, moral and ethical duty. They have trained students to be leaders with a vision for a just and equal society and an intention strong enough to realize that vision. We at St. Joseph's College of Commerce are proud to be part of this history of education.

The contemporary times demand something more from the youth. The youth can no longer be quiet and expectant. Now is the time for them to create their own dreams, follow their own paths, table their own demands, accept responsibility for the present and emerge as leaders.

The path ahead for the country is difficult, but it is not bereft of hope. The problems of corruption, injustice and caste, class and gender discrimination are all problems that do have a solution. And those solutions are well within our reach. What is lacking is a strong resolve from us - particularly the youth - to accept responsibility for finding solutions.

It is the creation of this sense of responsibility that constitutes our foremost objective of education at St. Joseph’s College of Commerce. Our education tries to inculcate a sense of care, compassion and sensitivity towards the poor and the marginalized sections of the society. We strive hard to transform students into leaders who not just care for the society but also actively engage with the society’s problems. This learning happens not just in classrooms but outside as well - through various activities planned by the Student Council, Student Associations and Clubs and through Outreach Programmes, Discussion and Debating Forums and Cultural Fests. All of this builds the students’ ability to make decisions based on freedom, love, and faith. This is an integral aspect of the Josephite experience and the holistic education that stands on the pillars of Academic Excellence, Character Formation and Social Concern.

Dr. Charles Lasrado , SJ

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