Attendance and Leave

Students are expected to attend classes every day. However, if there are genuine reasons like ill-health or other needs, students can avail leave with prior permission.

i. Absence up to 3 days requires the signature of the class mentor to attend classes (refer to Record of Absence format given at the end of the Handbook).
ii. Absence up to 7 days requires the signature of the Welfare officer.
iii. Absence of more than 7 days must be brought to the notice of the respective shift Vice Principal and get their approval to attend classes.

1. If a student fails to secure a minimum of 75% attendance in a semester, then he/she will not be allowed to write End Semester Examination.
2. If a student is absent for one period in a day, she/he will be marked absent for that period only.
3. Students must check their attendance regularly, and if any discrepancy is found, the same should be brought to the notice of the class mentor/ welfare officer in writing within two working days. No correction will be entertained beyond this period.
4. Prolonged or serious illness, hospitalization or long medically advised rest must be reported to the principal as early as possible.
5. No attendance is granted to students for participation in Certificate Courses as they are held outside regular class hours.
6. No marks are awarded for attendance.
7. After the final attendance list is prepared at the end of the semester, no request for alteration of attendance is entertained.