Scholarships Freeships

With a view to promote quality education, SJCC offers financial assistance to students belonging to the following categories:

Group A: Merit-cum-need based.
Group B: Students who excel in sports and extra-curricular activities.

Group A: Scholarships for the Economically Challenged A student of first year UG or PG who is economically weak, especially from the rural areas is eligible to apply provided she/he furnishes enough evidence for her/his eligibility, enclosing a community/income certificate.
A good academic record is also required.
Number of scholarships: 50.

Group B: Scholarships for Co-curricular and extra-curricular Activities. Any student from UG or PG who is actively associated with the literary/ cultural or sports activities of the College and has sufficient proof to support her/ his application can apply. The application should have the reference of at least 2-3 staff members.
Number of scholarships: 50.