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Provisions for Differently Abled

The Department of Examinations at SJCC has made special provisions to cater to the needs of the Students with Disability (SwD) during the examinations. Various facilities are provided by the examination department to cater to the specific needs of the differently abled students during the time of the exam.

Subject to the norms fixed by the St Joseph College of Commerce, candidates who are eligible to avail of the services of scribes, the Chief Superintendent/CoE is authorized to appoint scribes according to the following conditions:

•No separate criteria for regular examinations.

•The disability certificate issued by the competent medical authority at any place is accepted.

•The facility of Scribe is allowed to any SwD.

•The SwD can have the discretion of opting for his own Scribe with prior information.

•The person appointed as scribe shall not be an employee of the college.

•He/ she shall not be a relative of the candidates who is appearing for the examination.

•The educational qualification of the scribe shall be less than those of the candidates.

•A proforma with declaration shall be obtained from the scribe.

•The proforma signed by the scribe shall be forwarded to the office of the CoE.

•The procedure of availing the facility of scribe is simple with the necessary details recorded at the time of filling up of the form.

•The examination centre makes available suitable seating arrangement for giving examination.

•The examination for SwD is held at the computer centre and the examination centres is accessible for SwD.

•Compensatory time of examination is to be given for persons who are allowed use of scribe as per concessions mentioned below.

•The decision of the Controller of Examination will be final.

•Differently abled candidates who appear for examination are allowed the following concessions such as services of scribes at the examination, extra time to complete the examination, depending on the degree and nature of disability of the candidates subject to such norms as prescribed by St Joseph’s College of Commerce.

In addition to the scribes, the department of examination also provides extra time to complete the examination depending on the degree and nature of disability of the candidates subject to such norms as prescribed by St Joseph’s College of Commerce.

The Institution has established various grievance procedure for students to deal with complaints and allegations of noncompliance with Institutional Guidelines. Information concerning the Institution’s grievance procedures and redressal policy as they apply to SwD may be obtained from Campus office or Institutional website or student handbooks.