Involvement of Associations and Clubs in Outreach Activity


On July 23rd, 2018, AICUF conducted an inter-collegiate Ignatian fest called ‘CURA PERSONALIS’ to inculcate philanthropic values of St. Ignatius among all the students of Jesuit Intuitions. On the 11th of January, 2019, over 60 students from our college participated in the Magis camp that was themed around ‘Constitution’. Ten students from our college went to St. Aloysius College in Mangalore for a three-day camp and interacted with various other AICUFer.

All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF) is an association which seeks to provide a common platform to students from different walks of life. The Student President is Natasha Simran. Through its motto ‘Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you’ it aims at achieving its goals.
Highlights of activities conducted by the AICUF include:

  • An organ donation camp was conducted in order to promote the cause among the student body and to spread awareness of its significance and benefits to society

  • A food drive over three days was conducted aimed at getting food to as many needy people in our society, in order to eliminate hunger and also to better acquaint students with the magnitude of this issue among the people of our city.

  • A workshop was conducted on ‘Availing Government Scholarship for Minorities’ in order to create awareness about the various minority scholarships for Christian students and helping them apply for the same.

A visit to Snehadan, a center for people living with HIV/AIDS, was organized to bring basic necessities to these peoples and to try and bring some joy and cheer into their lives in keeping with the spirit of Christmas.

Computer classes were conducted for underprivileged children to give them a basic foundation in the use of technology. Its mainaims were community engagement and student development in various areas including teaching.

A visit to the Kalpali Cemetery was organized to interact with the children living there and to get to know them and the problems faced by them better. Games were conducted and snacks were distributed. Through this visit the students were made aware of the conditions of children living in a cemetery.

Revelations, a gospel fest was held in February 2018. Eleven events including pot pouri, Nehemiah’s harmony, Walk the Bible, Noah’s Ark, Pentateuch, Creative intro, Dance like David, Shout it out, Bible quiz, Treasure hunt and Re-create. There were 18 colleges & 9 parishes that participated in the events organized.

AICUF is a union of students from all backgrounds, who share a common inspiration to serve the world, believing in the motto "Do to others as you would want them to do unto you". The students of this association emphasize on an unbiased society where people from all walks of life can live as one community. The staff coordinator of the association is Ms. Christina from the Commerce Department and the student president is Juliana of III B.Com D. Some highlights of the year are:

  • Gaia 2016 - The world environment day was celebrated on 18th August 2016. It was a day dedicated to create awareness about the environment. This day basically focused on creating awareness about the sensitive issues of the environment. Gaia witnessed events like Gardening Competition, Fashion Walk, Vertical Gardening and Waste segregation Project.

  • MagisMagis is a youth camp on Ignatian Spirituality. This year Magis was organized in the month of October at St. Joseph’s College. The four-day camp had Holy Masses, Retreats, Praise& Worship. AICUF students from the college participated in the camp.

  • Ignatius weekIgnatius week was held during the month of August. During this week events like bible quiz, collage making, drawing, singing and many more activities to let students know more about the saint Ignatius of Loyola were organized.

  • Christmas in a Shoe Box Christmas a season of sharing and giving brings a lot of joy and happiness. AICUF spread their happiness and joy to people who are less fortunate, by giving gifts. These gifts comprised of daily use products. Every class contributed whole- heartedly for the same. The items that were collected were all neatly gift wrapped and put in a shoebox and gifted to the underprivileged.

  • Nightingale Home Nightingale home is a place where old people stay and pack newspaper bags. Several AICUFers visited this home taking time off their busy schedule and helped the inmates of the home in making newspaper bags.

  • Seminar on ‘Emotional and Moral Conflict among Teenagers-, AICUF conducted a student seminar on ‘Emotional and Moral Conflict among Teenagers' on 21st February. The seminar discussed issues regarding sexuality and morality and the conflicts that teenagers face with regard to these issues.

  • Fests AICUF members took part in Exodus a gospel fest conducted by St. Joseph's College and Yuva Chetana a gospel fest conducted by Goodwill college. They won the overall trophy in Genesis, a gospel fest conducted by St. Joseph's Pre-University College.

  • AICUF State Meet AICUF State Meet was organized by the Karnataka Unit of AICUF at St. Aloysius College, Mangalore from 5th to 8th of January. Students from our college attended this camp. Students were taken to villages to interact and a seminar was conducted on the history of AICUF and its establishment in India.

The All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF) is an organization of catholic students who are committed to the impartment of social justice and care for the welfare of society in which they live in. They draw their inspiration from the person and life of Jesus Christ. AICUF believes in the motto; do unto others as you would have them do unto you. AICUF students stand affirm in their belief for peace, human and democratic rights. They celebrate plurality of cultures, faith and ideologies contributing to the all round development of human beings who have been created in the image of God. The AICUF organizes various activities keeping three objectives in mind- Social Outreach, Personality Development and Spiritual Growth. The diverse activities conducted by the Association include camps, retreats, social visits, seminars, rallies and campaigns.

AICUF is a union of students from all backgrounds who share a common objective to serve the world, believing in the motto “Do to others as you would want them to do unto you”. The Annual AICUF State Council Meet was conducted on the 26 and 27 of July at the Institution. The college AICUF President, Seevanth Raj was elected the AICUF State Council President, while Manoj, the college AICUF Treasurer, was elected as the AICUF State Council Treasurer.

  • A Go Green event was organized on World Environment Day, 05 June 2014. The AICUF board sold saplings to students and teachers to instil the green culture.

  • AICUF members took part in several protest marches viz. a protest-march on 18July 2014, to fight the growing violence in Gaza, the March on 19July 2014 that protested against the Vigour High School incident, and the Blind Walk campaign initiated by the NGO, ‘Project Vision’ in Jayanagar.

  • AICUF enriched the Kalotsav event list by hosting a Pet Show.

  • On the 28November 2015, the AICUFers hosted an inter-collegiate Gospel fest, URIEL .All the events were based on the theme “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path” and aimed to spread the word of God.

  • The association also participated in various gospel fests like Stauros by Mount Carmel College, Adonai by St. Joseph’s Evening College as well as in Magis, a national level retreat and a camp for youths, held in St. Joseph’s College Of Arts and Science.


Amnesty International organized a talk on ‘Online Violence Against Women’ in association with the student council and was delivered by Ms. Mariya Salim, an Amnesty International member. The association also played its role in helping the Council give the support staff of SJCC the ‘Big Day Off’ on 24 th January, 2019 where the students cleaned the college and gave the support staff a well-deserved break. On the 5 th of December, 2018, they also hosted an open mic event ‘Expressions’ to provide an opportunity for students to express themselves in their own creative manner.


The CSA began the year by taking part in the lecture organised to remember the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bomb blasts. A street play was organised on the 14 th of August, 2018, on the topic of bonded labour. This was followed by Independence Day Celebration by CSA with the children of Government Urdu Primary School. Thursday Talkies was held on the topic ‘Bangalore-Past and Present’. An AIDS awareness workshop was conducted on the 1 st of December, 2018 where Dr. Veena Maria spoke about the various stigmas around AIDS and the need to spread awareness. As part of the Humans Rights Week, CSA conducted a Moot Court which consisted of teams from different associations debating their cases in front of a jury on the topic of ‘Labour Rights Violations’. On 14th of February, they conducted their annual seminar on the topic ‘Right to dissent’ with the motive of educating the youth about the myths related to dissent and to clear the misunderstanding between right to dissent and being anti-national.

Centre for Social Action (CSA) is an association dedicated to making a social change and contributing to society, guided by their vision of ‘Care, Connect and Change’. With a motto of ‘Little Things Big Difference’, CSA headed by the Student President, Aamina Asim, has carried out the following activities this semester:
Food Fest: CSA organised a Food Fest at the beginning of the academic year where members set up a variety of food stalls and raised money for a charitable purpose.
Thursday Talkies: The CSA continued their initiative “Thursday Talkies” for the second consecutive year. There were talks on various topics such as ‘Knowledge is Political’, “IT Industry Layoffs and its Impact in Bangalore” and “Public Policy”, to name a few.
On 11th August, CSA organized an inter-collegiate seminar on the topic ‘Intersection between Feminism and LGBT’ which saw participation from various colleges around the city.
Independence Day Celebrations: On the 15th of August, CSA members along with the faculty mentor, Mr. Prakash, conducted a series of games and events for the students and teaching staff of the Government Urdu Higher Primary School, Markham Road.
CSA students organized a student teaching initiative at the Government Urdu Higher Primary School to facilitate the students’ transition from Urdu to English as the medium of instruction after 5th Standard, through bi-weekly visits to the school.
CSA invite CARE (Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre) to set up a stall at SJCC, the proceeds of which would go to animal care.
A rural camp in Doddaballapur was conducted for CSA members in the month of October.
Human Rights Week: CSA in collaboration with Amnesty International organised an intercollegiate event comprising a documentary screening on “The Lies of Kashmiris” followed by an audience address by the director and performances by Oorali (an Indie band from Kerala) and Imphal Talkies (a band from Manipur) KIDWAI Donation Drive and Visit: CSA initiated a donation drive throughout the month of December in college and collected clothes, eatables, toiletries, bed sheets, toys, and more in large numbers for the children fighting cancer at the KIDWAI Institute. CSA volunteers visited the hospital on 23rd December to distribute the donations and spent quality time with the children.
Sports Day for Urdu School: On 21st December, CSA organised a sports day for the Urdu school students. The children participated in various sports such as lemon and spoon race, tug of war, relay and running race.
A two day Seminar on “Development or Destruction? India in the 21st century” was organised by CSA. The seminar comprised of a keynote speech by Mr. Manu Mathai, technical session and workshop on how to start a campaign by Jhatka organisation.

  • CSA organised the Annual Day for the students of Government Urdu School on 6th March, 2018. The members of CSA helped the children to showcase their talents in a cultural program.

The Centre for Social Action of SJCC is one of the most active social service associations in the college driven by the motto "Care, Connect, Change". The association is headed by Jobin Samson of II BBA ‘A' under the guidance of Mr. Prakash of the English Department. An orientation programme for on 12th of July 2016. The following were the activities of the association:

  • Intervention with Government Urdu School -The long-standing association of CSA with the Government Urdu Higher Primary School led to a series of commendable activities undertaken by the enthusiastic members of this club. On 15th of August, the association celebrated Independence Day by conducting singing and dancing completion for the children. On 29th and 30th August 2016, the school children visited the college campus and were taught basics in computers. Art and craft classes were conducted in order to enhance the creativity of the students. A Sports Day was conducted on 17th September and an Annual Day on 21st December.

  • Thursday Talkies - This year saw a new initiative by the CSA called "Thursday Talkies" which was conducted on alternative Thursday's of every month. There were talks on various topics such as "Students in Politics" by Swar, an independent theatre practitioner held on 20 th September 2016; "Gender and Caste" by Gee Semmalar, a social activist held on 24 th November 2016 and "Access to Information is Your Right" by Venkatesh D on 11 th August 2016, to name a few. There was a film screening of "PutaTirugisiNodi", a film by Suneel Raghavendra on 19 th January 2017.

  • Rural visit-In the month of Octobera rural exposure camp was organized to Hampi. They lived with the villagers and interacted with them about various problems concerning them. The students also organised clean up drives in the town of Hampi. d) Human Rights Week- In recognition of Human Rights Week, CSA, in collaboration with Amnesty International, organized the "Write for Rights" campaign on 7th December 2016, where the students wrote letters to the people whose basic human rights were being attacked. Amnesty International also screened a film titled "Damsels in Distress? Beyond Women's Stereotypes On-Screen" on 8 th December 2016 which was followed by a panel discussion.

  • Democracy in a Digital World - CSA in association with Centre for Amenities, Rehabilitation & Education (CARE) organized a city level seminar on the topic ‘Democracy in a Digital World' on 24th and 25th January 2017. The keynote address on ‘Freedom of Expression' was delivered by Dr. Paul Newman, the author of "Sri Lanka: A Saga of Agony". He engaged the audience by talking about issues related to freedom of speech and expression in today's digital world. Various topics like digital privacy, digital security, alternative forms of media and fake news were discussed in the two-day seminar. There was a panel discussion on the topic - "Democracy in a Digital Society" which was moderated by Ms. Vasanthi Hariprakash. The speakers for the seminar were Mr. Shaliesh, an Amnesty International employee, Mr Anil Kumar, an activist and Ms Vidushi from the Centre for Internet Society.

2015 - 2016
The Centre for Social Action (CSA) is one of the social service associations of the Institution that goes by the motto Care Connect Change. The CSA conducts innumerable social visits, school-support activities, charitable events as well as a rural immersion camp and a seminar every year. The activities conducted by the CSA were the following-

  • The CSA activities for the year commenced with an orientation programme conducted on 2 July 2015 for the first year students. The programme enlightened the students about the objectives and the goals of the Association and the various activities conducted by it.

  • The CSA council members in association with CARE, an NGO visited a slum in KS Garden and conducted several welfare activities in congruence with the educational development of the slum-kids. In the month of July, the CSA Council accompanied by Mr Prakash R, the CSA Coordinator conducted a recce of the slum with Mr Manohar.

  • On 4 August 2015, the CSA visited the Government Urdu School on Markham Road, with which it has along-standing association. Art & Craft classes were conducted for the school kids by the CSA members. The kids were also exposed to English Poetry and were encouraged to sing along and dance. Informal follow-up sessions ensured that the kids have been putting their new skills in practice.

  • CSA organized Independence Day Festivities on 15 August 2015, at theUrdu School premise. The flag was hoisted by the Chief Guest, Mr Lavakumar, faculty of the Department of Kannada, St. Joseph College of Commerce, after which the National Anthem was sung by the gathering. The school was then treated to the volunteers’ renditions of patriotic songs and dance

  • Computer classes for the Urdu School kids were conducted on 25 August 2015. The volunteers gave the kids an insight into basic computer skills such as MS-Paint and Notepad.

  • An Art & Craft session was conducted on 26 August 2015 that helped the children to brush-up on their skills. They were also trained in practical arts such as envelope and mask making. The paintings made by the kids were displayed along the corridor of the Institution.

  • On 27 August 2015, forty students from the Urdu School came to the Institution to play football and to compete in other sporting contests such as running race, dodgeball, frog race etc. The volunteers of the CSA participated along with the kids in a piggyback race as well as a few rounds of tug-of-war, after which refreshments were served.

  • On 27 August 2015, forty students from the Urdu School came to the Institution to play football and to compete in other sporting contests such as running race, dodgeball, frog race etc. The volunteers of the CSA participated along with the kids in a piggyback race as well as a few rounds of tug-of-war, after which refreshments were served.

  • On the occasion of Teacher’s Day Celebration on 5 September 2015, the members of the Association, hand crafted greeting cards and distributed them to each member of the faculty of the Institution. The warmth, enthusiasm and respect put in by the volunteers were received with love and affection from the Principal and teachers.

  • 29 August 2015, was observed as the week of giving in the Institution. The members actively participated and collected necessary items from the students. It was distributed to the in-patients and their care-takers at the Kidwai Memorial Cancer Institute, and about Four Hundred people and Hindered kids benefitted from this noble act.

  • In line with a new initiative, the CSA took forty kids of the Urdu School to the Vishweshwaraya Museum, on 15 September 2015, and guided them through an extensive tour of the technological marvels and other scientific edicts showcased in the museum.

  • Around forty students of the Association attended a four-day rural camp from 18- 21 October 2015 in Bhoomenahalli village in Dodballapur District, where several farmers had lost the lands and their families had been cultivating for nearly a decade in the Forest Department, which usurped the lands in the name of forestland reclamation. In collaboration with Dr Srinivas of the Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha, the students toured several villages, orienting villagers and performing street plays to sensitize the farmers on the plight of their Bhoomenahalli brethren. On the final day of their stay, the students organized a gathering where the farmers discussed the ways in which the issues could be tackled. The Principal and the Vice-Principal, graced the gathering with their presence. The students’ participation in the struggle was a noble endeavour and was greeted by overwhelming enthusiasm from all quarters.

  • The CSA organized the following programmes to mark the occasion of World AIDs Day –
    An inter-class poster making contest on 30 November 2015.
    AIDs Ribbons were distributed to students and passers-by on the morning of 1 December 2015.
    A fund-raiser event was organized in the Basketball court, with food stalls, a photo booth and live music.
    Fr. Biju Sebastian, a research scholar from Christ University and a Counselling Psychologist interacted with students on HIV/AIDS awareness.

  • On 10 December 2015, World Human Rights Day, the Association, in collaboration with the NSS and other associations, organized a gathering at the Town Hall to protest against the murder of Dr M.M.Kalaburgi and the shrinking space for free speech in the country. The gathering saw a large attendance of several prominent speakers and extensive media coverage.

  • On 13 January 2015, the Government Urdu School in association with CSA organized their annual school day. The students were accompanied by their Principal and teachers. They were greeted by a cultural get together organized by the CSA volunteers in which the school students enthusiastically participated.

  • A two- day workshop titled Beyond Tolerance towards Acceptance was organized on 25 -26 February 2016 by Center for Social Action. The aim of the workshop was to promote the idea of tolerance and to affirm the notion of acceptance and understanding. Thirteen Institutions from Bangalore took part actively in this workshop. The first session was on the topic Understanding Intolerance: Situations and Issues. In the introductory re mark by Mr. Shivasundar, a social activist and freelance journalist highlighted the strategy to combat intolerance by integration of cultures, people, and faith. This was followed by an open house session where questions related to confronting bias, and to counter the effects of hate media were discussed. The second session was on ‘Understanding Intolerance and Our Role in Combating’. Mr. Deepu, founder of pedestrian pictures screened a documentary on Indian history of equality. Prof. Vinay Sreenivasa, from Alternative Law Forum, talked about tolerance-a paradox of the Indian Constitution. This topic received great acclaim from the participants. The highlight of the second day of the workshop was a student panel discussion on the topic Student Politics on College Campuses. It was moderated by Prof. Vinay Kambipura. The students spoke about their experience of politics in college. Followed by this the next session concentrated on the issues of the vulnerability of minorities, women, children, Dalits, elimination of laws, and policies. The panelists for the session were Ms. Brinda Adige, Advocate Akhila Vidyasandara, Prof. Y J Rajendra SJC, M. Rajesh and was moderated by Ms. Ramya from ALF. The workshop was an attempt by the CSA team to reinstate the idea of peace, harmony, and interfaith dialogue to live peacefully

Centre for Social Action is an association engaged in encouraging social awareness among the students of the Institution, with the objective of imparting concern for the society. The association was comprised of more than 200 active members this year. “To Care, Connect and Change” is the association’s motto for the current academic year, and several activities were organized, in pursuit of realizing this motto -

  • The association assisted the Government Urdu Higher Primary School, Ashoknagar, with their Sports Day, Independence Day and Annual Day celebrations, as well as a protest march against child abuse.

  • On 9 August 2014, the members visited Kidwai Hospital where the volunteers interacted with the cancer patients and distributed blankets and snacks, after which they attended a demonstration of the Biomethanation plant at Christ University.

  • An exhibition was organized in collaboration with the NGO, “CRY”, to promote a new campaign against child labour.

  • A Pet Show was organized, to raise funds.

  • A Rural Exposure Camp - a new initiative was conducted during the semester vacation in association with Loyola Vidya Kendra, Mundgod, a Jesuit Institution. 34 students and 2 staff members stayed in two villages in Mundgod District and experienced rural life.

  • A visit to Gerizim Rehabilitation Centre, Ejipura, marked Christmas Eve.

  • A workshop on ‘Human Trafficking: Break the Bonds of Modern Slavery’ was organized on 20 and 21 February 2015.

Equal Opportunity Cell

2018-2019 On August 14, 2018 the association conducted the event ‘Blindfolded Conversations’ to raise awareness among the youth regarding stereotyping and misjudgments. On September 3, 2018, a photography workshop called ‘Shutter Stories’ was hosted to capture pictures of people, which would bring out the stories in them. On the 6 th of December, 2018, on the occasion of Human Rights week, the association hosted an inter-class photography competition on the theme ‘Human Rights – the real picture’. On the 17 th of December 2018, a seminar was held on the topic ’Availability Affordability Accessibility: 3A’s that define the schemes for minorities in India’. The seminar was delivered by Mr. Robin Christopher, a renowned researcher at the National Law School India University, and the purpose of this seminar was to explain the legalities in order to access such schemes made available by the state and central government.

National Service Scheme

The NSS, under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, is a social service organization that enables students to reach out to the public, spread civic awareness and encourage social responsibility. On the 17 th of July, 2018, the association hosted a blood donation camp and collected 293 units of blood, in collaboration with Youth Red Cross. The NSS also held a three- day stationery drive from the 9 th to the 11 th of August, followed by a 2 day cloth drive on the 6 th and 7 th of September, to donate to Rakum Blind School at Rajankunte. On the 10 th of August, 2018, a few NSS students attended an awareness event on Counter Terrorism at St. Joseph’s Indian Composite PU College. They also celebrated Independence Day with the students of Shivajinagar BBMP school. A clean-up drive at the government Tamil school was organised on the 1 st of September, 2018 and on 9 th of the same month, the NSS students went on a rural camp to Bannimangala. On the 9 th of November, 2018, the NSS held ‘The Big Day Off’. This event was followed by Remembrance of Road Accident Victims on the same day where students lit candles as a mark of respect for those who lost their lives in various accidents. The students of NSS visited the Nightingale Sandhya Kirana,Shantinagar on the 20 th of December, 2018 to spread the Christmas cheer. On account of National Youth day on the 12 th of January, 2019, the NSS conducted a guest lecture by Adv. Sultan Beary to educate the students about the various problems and solutions to the recent national problems. On the 25 th of Jaunary, 2019, the NSS celebrated the National Voter's Day by conducting various competitions like placard making and essay writing. On 30 th of January, 2019, Aura was organised to expand the boundaries from not only social welfare and service but also a sense of togetherness and participation.

The National Service Scheme has played a key role in orienting the youth towards community service. NSS volunteers of SJCC have made a significant impact this year in the community around them. The Student President is R. Balasubramani. The major activities of the association for this academic year were as follows:
Cycle Day: The NSS volunteered at and participated in the Cycle Day organised by B.PAC on 11th June, 2017. The event sought to raise awareness about the growing risk of health issues caused by vehicular pollution in the city and encouraged the use of cycles by all. An NSS Cycle Day was also conducted by BPAC on 13th August, 2017 at the BBMP Corporation School in Shantinagar to raise awareness about waste management. A stationery drive was organised by NSS on 7th August wherein students contributed books, pencils, pens, scales etc. for underprivileged children in large numbers.
Independence Day Celebrations: NSS celebrated India’s 70th Independence Day at a government school near Shivaji Nagar, taking the opportunity to reach out to the unreachable. Members participated in the flag hoisting and interacted with the students. Stationery and sweets were distributed to the government school students.
The NSS unit of SJCC in collaboration with Lions Club and three other hospitals organised a blood donation camp in college on 23rd August, 2017. Students turned up in large numbers to donate blood. 280 units of blood was collected on the whole from more than 300 donors. Donors were provided with a blood donation certificate as a token of appreciation.
NSS students participated in a clean-up and renovation drive at the Tamil Government Primary School on 1st September. Students prepared the ground for levelling by experts later on.
NSS organised a protest rally on 6th September, 2017 from Majestic Railway Station to demand quick action for speedy justice from the Government and investigative agencies for Gauri Lankesh.
Students of NSS along with B-PAC members propagated ‘Rally for Rivers’ on 7 th September and encouraged the public in the areas surrounding SJCC to participate in the campaign by merely giving a missed call on the specified number to raise awareness and "Save water for the future generations".
A talk was conducted on 15th September by Ms. Meenakshi, an active member of Durga Association,onwomen' ssafety,harassment, self-defence and other such issues.
The annual NSS rural camp was organised from 19th October to 25th October in Kadathippur village of Doddaballapur Taluk. Students participated in clean-up drives, health camp, talks on garbage dumping, and several cultural activities.
A walkathon was organised by NSS students of SJCC in collaboration with the SJC NSS unit on 1st December, 2017 from St Joseph’s College, Shanthi Nagar to SJCC on the occasion of World Aids Day to raise awareness about AIDS.
Visits: On 25th November, students visited a nearby old age home Nightingale Sandhya Kirana where they contributed old newspapers and clothes and also assisted residents in making paper bags. On 10th December, 15 students of the NSS Association visited the ShreeAcharya Rakum Blind School. The NSS representatives interacted with the students and played games like Kabaddi and Cricket with the kids. Around thirty students visited Jerome Old Agehome on 14th December to interact with the residents and entertain them.
NSS students visited Nightingale Day Care Centre on 19th December to celebrate an early Christmas with beneficiaries who were mainly dementia patients and senior citizens. The students put up a cultural show and distributed sweets to everyone. On 21st December, NSS members also celebrated Christmas at Tamil Government School, Ashok Nagar Main Ward where they interacted with students, conducted games, distributed prizes, sang carols and distributed cake to the students and staff members.
A seminar was conducted on 12th January on the occasion of Swami Vivekananda’s 155th birthday. The guest speaker was Dr. G.P. Basvaraju, Retd.Head R.I.T.E.C. and R.P.D.C., N.C.E.R.T who addressed the gathering on the importance of helping one another and about Swami Vivekananda.
Aura 2.0, a multi-dimensional fest was conducted by the NSS unit of SJCC on 7th February, 2018. It includes a variety of cultural events and literary events. Eleven colleges participated in the fest with more than 120 participants. B.S.Srinivas, Director of Arena Animation, was the chief guest for the inaugural ceremony.

NSS has undertaken activities that have made a long-lasting impact on the community as a whole. The members of the NSS unit work tirelessly for the welfare of society, instilling in all those around them a responsibility to think of others. NSS is presided over by Anitha A of III B.Com D, under the guidance of Mr. Ashok T. A (Dept. of Kannada), the Programme Officer. An orientation programme was held on 20 th July 2016. Mr. Sam an able social worker was the chief guest. The following were the activities of the association:

  • Blood Donation Camp - On 9th August, in association with the Lions Club, NSS organized a blood donation camp. Nurses and Doctors from three hospitals namely – Victoria Hospital, K C General Hospital and Sanjay Gandhi Institute of Trauma and Orthopaedics collected around 250 units of blood.

  • International Youth day - On 23 rd August, the association celebrated International Youth Day. Colonel Mathew Kuriakose delivered a lectureon this occasion.

  • Run for Cancer – The association took part in a marathon ‘Run for Cancer, organized by Soroptimist International, to raise funds for Karunashraya, which provides free, professional palliative care for advanced- stage cancer patients.

  • Spot Clean Drive – On 17th September the association collaborated with Rotaract club to organize a spot clean drive. The members collected garbage and segregated it, painted walls and also planted samplings in and around Domlur.

  • Rural Exposure Camp – Annual rural exposure camp was held from 21st to 28th October, at Thindlu, Devanahalli Taluk, of Bengaluru Rural. The objective of the camp was to spread awareness on social responsibility and civic sense. During the camp speakers of different organizations addressed the students and the villagers on various social issues of the community.

  • Human Rights Week – On 4th December, the association visited a slum in Koramangala along with Ruva Foundation, an organization dedicated to enable improvement of the cities slum, to educate the dwellers about child labour and human trafficking. On 6th December, a rally from Mysore bank to Vidhana Soudha was conducted to create awareness about human rights. On 9th December, the association organized a talk by Mr. John, an advocate at the High Court of Karnataka, along with his associates. The members actively took part in the discussion.

  • Newspaper drive- A drive was held from 20th to 23rd December 2016, where newspapers were collected and donated to Nightingale Foundation- an old age home. On the following day, the committee visited Rakum School for the Blind located near Devanahalli. They interacted with the students and also distributed stationary.

  • Republic Day Celebration – On the 68th Republic Day the members took part in a blind walk from MG Road to Trinity Circle to create an impact on the importance of eye donation. The participants took a pledge to donate their eyes.

  • Aura-17, an event to motivate students to think about social issues, was organized on 21 st February, 2017. It witnessed participation form Govt. Colleges in Bangalore.

Not Me, But You
Faculty in- Charge- Mr. Vinay Kambipura
Students’ Representative- Mr. Arokianathan. C (3 B.Com)
Team Members – 150

  • The NSS unit of the Institution comprises students who tirelessly work towards the betterment of the society, thereby instilling in themselves and those around them, a spirit of brotherhood, patriotism and comradery. This academic year NSS conducted the following activities

  • The NSS unit, comprising enthusiastic and energetic volunteers, began its activities by organizing a blood donation camp in association with the Lion’s Club of Bangalore. A total of 203 students participated and donated blood to the patients of various hospitals. 203 units of blood were collected thus setting a new record from the Institution.

  • NSS volunteers did a follow-up work of their previous rural camps by visiting the villages where they had previously camped. On 21 June 2015, the team visited Kugonahalliand Channaveeranahalli, both in Doddaballapur Taluk, and met the villagers. In order to maintain a link between the village and urban society, NSS volunteers frequently visit villages and interact with the villagers.

  • NSS organized an orientation programme for the newly inducted volunteers on 15 June 2015. Justice and Care, an international NGO working towards rescue and rehabilitation of victims of human trafficking, was invited to make a presentation on the work they do. The NGO also invited students to work along with them in helping the victims of human trafficking and deliberated on the ways to prevent it.

  • On 15 August 2015, NSS volunteers celebrated Independence Day with children of the Government School in Austin Town. The members actively organized various performances to celebrate the momentous occasion. The team also conducted several competitions for the children. A documentary was screened that showcased the importance of Independence Day and the students expressed their fervent emotions by singing patriotic songs.

  • The NSS unit believes that casting votes in election is a fundamental duty of all citizens. In keeping with this belief, it organized an awareness campaign about the BBMP election held on 22 August 2015. Two days prior to the election, the entire NSS unit conducted an ‘awareness rally’. The volunteers also organized a street play and flash mob, urging the college students to cast their votes. Volunteers also held placards at Brigade Road and MG Road signals reminding passers-by about the upcoming election and urging them to vote.

  • As a reminder of the nuclear holocaust tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, NSS volunteers drew charts condemning the use of nuclear weapons on 8 August 2015, and displayed them on the campus. Individual volunteers came forward to donate blood in times of emergencies.

  • On 26 December 2015, five Rotaractors from Bangalore went on an Exchange Programme to Pune. This was a cultural exchange between Rotary Bangalore Cantonment (RBC) and Rotary Club of Pune Gandhi Bhavan (RCPGB) under the banner Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE).

The NSS unit of the Institution registered 200 students as volunteers for the year 2014- 2015. An orientation workshop was held for the students on 6 August 2014, to inform the students about the objectives of the NSS, its ethos and work pattern. The activities conducted included:

  • A blood donation camp on 26 August 2014, in association with Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology and St. John’s Medical College Hospital. 199 units of blood were collected from the college students.

  • T• A half day workshop in understanding social issues, organized by the senior volunteers and ex-NSS members, during which students were divided into groups, after which they discussed and presented their solutions in the form of small skits.

  • The Annual Rural Exposure Camp from 20 to 26 November, 2014. This year the camp was organized at Channaveeranahalli in the Bengaluru Rural District. The theme for the camp was ‘Sustainable Development and Ecology’. The objective was to take up a project which will help the village to maintain its ecological balance and also to educate them about hygiene and cleanliness.

  • A visit to a home for the disabled at Ejipura, on 3 December 2014.

  • A RTI workshop for selected students on education & cultural activities in the city.

Rotaract Club

The Rotaract Club has progressively aided in the development of its students as leaders in their communities and workplaces. On August 8, 2018, the club organized a Stand Alone Ceremony to install the new board and induct the new members. On account of Children’s Day and World Orphans Days, 10 students along with two board members visited Bosco Mane where they engaged with children and conducted various fun filled activities for them. The Club also visited Rakum School for the Blind and the Sighted Unprivileged where the students understood the plight of those living with such a disability. Comprehending the need of the hour, the club conducted a self-defense workshop on December 7, 2018. 16 students from the association also took part in the Polio Awareness Walkathon conducted by the Rotaract District Council

3190 on October 28, 2018 with the motive of spreading awareness about the deadly disease. The students of the club also attended the RYLA camp. On January 29, 2019, Rotarian Wing Commander DP Sabharwal conducted the session, ‘Way to the top’ where he threw light upon various topics such as effective communication, personality awareness, time management and the importance of decision making.

2017-2018 The Rotaract Club is an association which seeks to further the welfare of society by inculcating a sense of civic consciousness among its members. Over the years, the reach of the association has largely increased, thus contributing to its success and the reputation it enjoys. The Student President is Gaurav Siyal. The primary activities of the club include the following:

  • RotaMUN was held on the 26th and 27th of July, 2017 to provide a platform to individuals to showcase their writing, speaking and diplomacy skills. The event covered a number of issues such as cyber warfare and integration of refugees in our societies. The MUN and resolutions to the issues discussed were sent to the Rotarty International Organisation.

  • Konnectivity, an initiative to assist senior citizens with Internet Literacy was held on the 6th and 20th of August, 2017. Not only were email ID’s created for these senior citizens but they were also taught the basics of E-Banking and E- Commerce.

  • The “Clean and Green Drive Initiative”, which was taken by the club to get rid of garbage near CMH Hospital, Indiranagar so as to make the area cleaner and more resident friendly.

  • A visit to Boston Mane in Chamarajpet on World Orphan Day to interact with the children.

A visit to Bharathiya Public School on Children’s Day during which members organised games and distributed stationery among the children.
Old Age Home visits were planned so as to sensitise members towards the elderly.

2016-2017 As an organization dedicated to social awareness and betterment of the community, the Rotaract Club has performed a number of tasks over the years that have earned it a respectable reputation. It provides opportunities for young people to address the needs of the community and the world at large. Empowerment of its members to create change around them is one of the key goals of the Rotaract Club. The staff coordinator is Ms. Nancy Christina and the student president is Vaibhav Shah. The Orientation Programme and Induction Ceremony took place in the month of July. Some highlights of the year are:

  • Spot Clean-up - As part of a community service initiative, in association with the Rotary Bangalore Brigades, a spot clean-up by its member was done near the Domlur flyover.

  • Creche Visits - A total number of three crèches in Lingarajapuram, Jayamahal, and R.T. Nagar were visited. Students interacted with the underprivileged children and they distributed stationery and eatables. An Awareness talk was held where two personalities from the fields of medicine and law briefed the members about Civil Rights of individuals and first aid in case of emergency.

  • RYLA - RYLA is the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Programme. It was a four-day Residential Camp in which a number of workshops, activities, and talks were organized to illustrate the importance of leadership.

  • RotaMUN - RotaMUN the first ever Model United Nations to be held in the college and itwas held on the 19th and 20th of January. The Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee were the four bodies that constituted this MUN. Topics on a variety of issues were put to motion with participation from a number of colleges around Bangalore.

2016-2015 Dream, Believe, Achieve
Faculty in- Charge: Ms Nisha Amogh
Student Representative-:Gaurav.N (III BBM)
Team Members : 206

  • The Rotaract Club, funded by the Rotary, Bangalore Cantonment, is a youth forum committed to creating young leaders to serve and lead the society. Rotaract Club of the Institution has taken “Dream, Believe, Achieve” as their motto. The following were the activities conducted by the club for the academic year 2015 -2016:

  • A talk about Leadership was conducted by Mr. Roshan Raikar, to provide an insight into the ways of making good career choices.

  • A visit to a Muslim Orphanage was conducted by the Rotaract members. The subjects covered at the school by them were general knowledge and moral science. The club members’ also organized games for the children.

  • The club members attended the District Leadership Training Workshop (DLTW) conducted by the Rotaract District for the Board Members of Rotaract Clubs across Bangalore. Its purpose was to train the Board members on their duties and responsibilities as the Board members of their respective clubs.

  • A 3- day Ryla Camp was conducted in S.C.M.I themed Kindle the Fire Within with eleven Institutions and forty- three students as participants. The session covered the topics like Anger Management, Lateral Thinking, Creativity, What Business Schools Don’t Teach, Emotional and intelligent Quotient, Wisdom Seeds, Theatre Workshop, Laughter Yoga, Morning Fun and Jog.

  • Humanitarian Week was celebrated in the Institution from 3- 10 December 2015. The week was full of activities where the various Associations raised funds for the protest rally at Town Hall which was held on 10 December 2015.

  • The Rotaract Club collaborated with the Eco Club of the Institution on 7 December 2015 to celebrate 'Women Empowerment Day'. The Clubs organized activities for the day as well as arranged stalls to raise funds for social causes. The activities conducted included a debate on the topic Converse the Controversy, an activity titled Drape and Dunk followed by a play titled FIFA tournament. They Club arranged 14 stalls during Women Empowerment Day, which was the highest number of stalls set up by any individual club in the Institution during World Humanitarian Week.

  • On 26 December 2015, five Rotaractors from Bangalore went on an Exchange Programme to Pune. This was a cultural exchange between Rotary Bangalore Cantonment (RBC) and Rotary Club of Pune Gandhi Bhavan (RCPGB) under the banner Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE).

The following activities were conducted as a part of the Exchange Programme.

  • A Heritage Walk in which the Rotaractors walked through the lanes of old Pune and visited several important points such as Shanivar Wada, TambatAali, Mandai, BurudAali, TulshiBaug and Vishrambaug Wada. After the Heritage Walk, the Rotaractors were taken on a trek to Vetal Hill.

  • The group set out for Pune Darshan. The group visited various sites such as Aga Khan Fort, National War Memorial, Raja Kelkar Museum, ShindeChatri, etc.

  • On the last day, the group visited the Rotary School where RCPGB took several educational initiatives for underprivileged students.

  • Next, the group visited the Centre for Autistic Children where RCPGB makes donation for necessary equipment. Ms Sadhana Godbole the psychologist in charge educated them about Autism, its symptoms and the various activities they undertake to help autistic children.

  • Following this, they went to Lavasa, a private, planned city built near Pune.

  • A rally was conducted in Kanteerva stadium on the 9 January 2016 to raise awareness on road safety and safe driving methods. The student members of all the clubs of the Institution gathered at the college gate at 9 am from where they were guided to the Kanteerva Stadium holding up picket signs on road safety and safe driving. The rally was a success and the Honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka, Mr Siddaramaiah made a Closing Address about various traffic rules and their importance in our country today.

  • Inspired by the tagline of Gift to the World the Rotaract Club planned a visit on 11 February 2016 to Karnataka State Council for Child Welfare crèche, Nandidurg, a day care center where the less privileged kids are taken care of while their parents are off to work. The Rotaract team enthusiastically interacted with the tiny tots and spent the day with them doing creative artwork.

  • The Rotaract team of nine students made their way to the Karnataka State Council for Child Welfare crèche, Amruthahalli on 18 February 2016, to be greeted by smiles and laughter of the children present there. A session was conducted where the children were taught nursery rhymes. The children were also taught about the importance of waste management and its necessity in today's world. The children learnt about the process of the segregation of dry waste and wet waste and labeled the respective dustbins which were donated by the club. At the end, the team members got together to make craft items, to decorate the crèche in order to make it more educational, appealing and fun-filled.

  • The Rotaract Club visited RT Nagar crèche on 18th February 2016. The team members made a number of posters of the English alphabet and numbers for the children. The main idea behind this activity was to get to know these children and spend time with them while cleaning and decorating the entire place to make it a suitable learning environment. This project was inspired by the Happy Schools Initiative taken up by the Rotaract District 3190.

  • 22 Rotaractors visited Vaderahalli Primary School, a government school in Hesaraghatta on 20th February 2016. The students were made to engage in various fun filled activities. The children of the first and second standard were supplied with art material and the members taught them to draw and color. Along with these activities various games like a ball in the bucket and throw ball were arranged to entertain the students. The Rotaract Club donated various stationery items, handmade books and dustbins to the school to be used for the benefit of the children.

The Rotaract Club, funded by the Rotary, Bangalore Cantonment, has over a 100 active members. Rotaract SJCC has adopted “DREAM, BELIEVE, ACHIEVE” as their motto. On 17July 2014, the club was formally established with the nomination of all the board members, thus opening the floodgates of activities earmarked for the year. This was followed by an interactive event held on 22 July 2014 with the able support of The Rotary, Bangalore Cantonment.

  • A 5-day drive was conducted for the collection of old books and magazines for poor children.

  • The club went on a social visit to St. Patrick’s Orphanage on 16August 2014.

  • The club attended the District Leadership Training Workshop (DLTW) on 24 August 2014 organized by the District 3190, hosted by the Sri Bhagwan Mahavir Jain College to mould the incoming Board of all the clubs under District 3190.

  • On 1 November, 2014, the club in association with the Rotaract club of Bangalore spent a wonderful day planting saplings at NavPrabhuti Trust Vocational Training Center for Intellectually Challenged.

  • On the special occasion of Children's Day, the club members volunteered for a health checkup camp “Anandakanda” conducted by Rotaract District 3190 at Government Girls High School in Malleswaram.

  • Association day was celebrated on 27th Nov 2014. This gave an opportunity for all the associations to showcase their talents and to entertain students.

Women’s Forum

The Women’s Forum held a seminar titled ‘Samya’ which was a talk on gender parity on the 10th of August, 2018. Another seminar was held on the topic of ‘Dress code’ in September to make students aware of the college dress code. A seminar named ‘(C)uprising’ was conducted on 12th December, 2018 to speak of menstrual cup and its hygiene.

The girls representing the Women’s Forum of the Institution, along with over 3000 people, participated in the rally to protest against the injustice done to women and condemn the inhuman act of the rape incident at Vigour High School, on 19 July 2014.

A seminar on self-defence for girls was conducted by ‘WOW’ on the 17 of December. Celebrating the true spirit of womanhood and all things feminine, Eves 2015:Brave, Bold and Beautiful, was organized on 9 and 10 January 2015. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Ms. Sinu Joseph, who is actively involved in the fields of women empowerment and rural development. Over a period of two days, the girls battled it out in exciting events such as “Triathlon”, “Treasure Hunt”, “Best Friends Forever”, “Fashion Out of Waste”, “Fashion for a Cause”, ”The Interview” and “Ms. Eves”, which tested both their physical perseverance and intelligence, allowing the individual personalities of the girls to shine. Other events included collage making, potpourri, the Burger Challenge and “The Chechi”.

Youth Red Cross

The Red Cross is a renowned humanitarian organisation known for its effective work world over. In order to engage the younger generations in such work, the body has been simulated in our college and come to be known as the Youth Red Cross. The association conducted a host of activities during the year, the first one being a blood donation camp to encourage students to do their part and cater to the needs of the community. In addition to this, the association also planned a visit to Bannimangala, along with the NSS in order to provide its members with rural exposure and educate them on numerous aspects relating to the same. The association wound up the year with an event on World AIDS Day, in collaboration with the E-Cell, which included a seminar that was presided over by some eminent speakers who left the audience better informed. Finally, the event culminated with a formation of the AIDS symbol in the college ground by the students.