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At SJCC, most college associations are closely involved in lessen social and economic divides within the society. These Extension Activities Associations conduct regular awareness programs, drives and reach out to the marginalised sections of society. In this way, students help in the creation of just and equal communities and social spaces. Thus, college associations and clubs are also closely involved in Outreach activities and concerns.

Kannada Sangha

The Kannada Sangha chapter of St Joseph’s College of Commerce has an historical significance among the Kannada Unions of Bangalore city. The Kannada Sangha has conducted various programmes such as dramas, talks and lectures by prominent Kannada writers, workshops and cultural camps to places of literary and cultural significance. Kannada Sangha has published books of Dr. GK Govind Rao and Dr. HS Venkatesh Murthy, along with several other new and creative writers.

Kannada Sangha organises two important fests – Antaranga, an intra-collegiate fest for the college students and Kalarava – a state level inter-collegiate cultural fest. The English saying, ‘Think globally, act locally’ instils the order of seeing the world through the eyes of Kannada, in the minds of students. Kannada Sangha has also been conducting several National Seminars as a means of raising awareness on social, political, and economic issues.


All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF) is a student body with students of various backgrounds with an aim to bring together everyone in the name of God. The motto “Do to others as you would want them to do unto you” envisions students to serve the world.
At SJCC, the association has conducted many events in the previous academic year beginning with the Ignatian Week and Revelations with an aim to unite the youth of the country for the greater glory of God. Apart from this AICUF has organized a range of intra-college and inter-college fests. The students have also participated in various other fests hosted by different colleges.

● To conduct various events with a view to build students to develop interpersonal skills
● Bring together all students to serve the community at large in God’s name

Involvement in Outreach :
● All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF) is an association which seeks to provide a common platform to students from different walks of life. Students of AICUF are committed to the impartment of social justice and care for the welfare of their societies. They draw their inspiration from the person and life of Jesus Christ – believing in the motto “Do to others as you would want them to do unto you.” Their activities and events affirm in their belief for peace, human and democratic rights. They celebrate plurality of cultures, faith and ideologies contributing to the holistic development of human beings. The AICUF organizes various activities keeping three objectives in mind- Social Outreach, Personality Development and Spiritual Growth. The diverse activities conducted by the Association include camps, retreats, social visits, seminars, rallies and campaigns.
● AICUF has organised various Organ Donation Camps, Food Drives, Visits to Old Age Homes and Health Centres. AICUF also arranges for programmes that benefit the spaces in and around the college. Students have conducted computer classes for underprivileged children and workshops to create awareness on government scholarships for minorities. They have arranged visits to the Kalpali Cemetery and Nightingale Home where students interact with members of marginalised sections, and bridge the gaps caused by social inequalities. Every year, AICUF organises a Christmas gift giving event, where students of the college contribute stationary and daily use products – to be given as gifts to the underprivileged sections of society.
● AICUF also takes an active part in efforts to create awareness on pressing concerns of the environment and political injustice around the world. Awareness programs, Protest marches, Walkathons, Campaigns and tree plantation programmes are held in order to raise awareness on these issues.


National Service Scheme (NSS) is an association that aims to create a sense of social welfare for all sections and ages. It works to provide unbiased service to the society. The students (NSS volunteers) work together to ensure help for everyone in need.
The motto “Not Me, but You”, reflects the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for selfless service. NSS is thus an association dedicated to serving the society.

● To understand ourselves in relation to the community
● To address problems existing in our society
● To understand ourselves in relation to society and its inequalities
● To enhance leadership quality and democratic attitude in all members

Involvement in Outreach :
● The NSS, under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, is a social service organization that enables students to reach out to the public, spread civic awareness and encourage social responsibility. The National Service Scheme has played a key role in orienting the youth towards community service. NSS volunteers of SJCC have made a significant in the community around them by undertaking activities that makes a long-lasting impact on society as a whole.
● The NSS unit of the Institution comprises students who tirelessly work towards the betterment of the society, thereby instilling in themselves and those around them, a spirit of brotherhood, patriotism and comradery. Students participated in clean-up drives, health camp, talks on garbage dumping, and several cultural activities. The students also take part in rural exposure camps in order to spread awareness on social responsibility and civic sense. During the camp speakers of different organizations address students and villagers on various social issues of the community. The engagements of the NSS works towards instilling in all those around them a responsibility to think of others.


Centre for Social Action (CSA) is a student-driven community of St. Joseph's College of Commerce that works towards a humane and just society. CSA works with young minds to spread awareness about social issues and acts as a platform for individuals to voice their views against social injustice. The association through various initiatives, often in collaboration with other like-minded organizations and NGOs, represents the concerns of silenced minorities. CSA is guided by the vision of 'Care, Connect and Change' and believes that 'Little things make a Big difference'.

● CSA intends to build a society that can stand up for the rights of the underprivileged and ensure freedom of thought and speech for everyone.
● Centre for Social Action believes in lifting up others and making a difference in their life by speaking up against social, cultural and economic oppressions.

Involvement in Outreach :
● The Centre for Social Action (CSA) works with young minds to spread awareness about social issues and acts as a platform for individuals to voice their views against social injustice. This student-driven community works towards creating a humane and just society. The association organises various events that bring to light the injustices of political law forums, human rights violation, gender-based violence, and environmental hazards due to human intervention. The association through various initiatives, often in collaboration with other like-minded organizations and NGOs, represents the concerns of silenced minorities.
● The Association conducts a series called “Thursday Talkies” which brings to light serious concerns of current political and social events and opens up a space for progressive dialogue which aims to address these larger issues. Guest lectures, seminars and workshops are hosted on a regular basis to bring to attention the causes against war and violence, mistreatment of unorganised labour sections, stigma around mental illnesses and diseases like AIDS, and socially destructive policies. The association also facilitates creative spaces that engage students in street plays or “moot courts” in order to highlight social issues and sensitise the student community.

Equal Opportunity Cell

2018-2019 On August 14, 2018 the association conducted the event ‘Blindfolded Conversations’ to raise awareness among the youth regarding stereotyping and misjudgments. On September 3, 2018, a photography workshop called ‘Shutter Stories’ was hosted to capture pictures of people, which would bring out the stories in them. On the 6 th of December, 2018, on the occasion of Human Rights week, the association hosted an inter-class photography competition on the theme ‘Human Rights – the real picture’. On the 17 th of December 2018, a seminar was held on the topic ’Availability Affordability Accessibility: 3A’s that define the schemes for minorities in India’. The seminar was delivered by Mr. Robin Christopher, a renowned researcher at the National Law School India University, and the purpose of this seminar was to explain the legalities in order to access such schemes made available by the state and central government.

Involvement in Outreach :
The Equal Opportunity Cell conducts programmes in order to raise awareness on creating an equal youth community. It works to prevent social injustices and discrimination against individuals from marginalised sections – especially of poor economic backgrounds. The association conducts talks to sensitise the youth on the harmful effects of stereotyping and misjudgements. It also arranges for creative competitions that invite students to turn an empathetic eye towards the societies they inhabit in terms of social privilege. Seminars on preventive measures and awareness of justice forums and governmental schemes for these marginalised sections of students are also conducted.

Rotaract Club

The Rotaract Club seeks to provide young men and women with an opportunity to enhance knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address physical and social needs of their communities and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.

● To emphasize respect for the rights of others
● To recognize the dignity and value of all useful occupations as opportunities to serve
● To recognize, practice and promote ethical standards as leadership qualities and vocational responsibilities
● To develop knowledge and understanding of the needs, problems and opportunities in the community and worldwide

Involvement in Outreach :
● The Rotaract Club is an association which seeks to further the welfare of society by inculcating a sense of civic consciousness among its members. Members are dedicated to social awareness and betterment of the community. The Club has progressively aided in the development of its students as leaders in their communities and workplaces. It provides opportunities for young people to address the needs of the community and the world at large. Empowerment of its members to create change around them is one of the key goals of the Rotaract Club.
● As part of a community service initiative in association with the Rotary Bangalore Brigades, clean-up drives, seminars, walkathons and talks are held in order to make a difference in society and sensitise the youth. Students also interact with underprivileged children during these social visits. The club periodically organises awareness talks in order to inform students about Civil Rights.

Women’s Forum

Motto: We stand for Justice and Gender Equality
The Women’s Forum seeks to achieve a fair and just position for women in society and promote gender equality. The Forum is a step towards providing women with a platform where they can voice their opinions and promote a progressive learning environment.

● Create a space for sharing gendered personal narratives in public forums and private lives.
● Raise awareness on "Women and Girl Child" issues.
● Educate and inform students regarding law and justice forums for women in India.
● Addressing social and systemic discrimination against women.

Involvement in Outreach :
The Women’s Forum works toward highlighting women and girl child issues within the student community. This is to bring about an awareness that will ensure the development of just and safe spaces that do not discriminate on the basis of an individual’s gender identity. The Forum organises seminars and talks on gender parity, the importance of freedom in expression of self, and menstrual hygiene. The girls representing the Women’s Forum, have also engaged in peaceful rallies to protest against rape and other injustices inflicted upon women in our society. Self-defence workshops and special events to celebrate womanhood are also held by the association.

Finance Club

The Finance Club is focused on a stream of informative, challenging and fun packed activities for its members. They form a group of forward thinkers who emphasize on staying ahead of the curve and helping the collective growth in terms of knowledge and wit.

● Our main objective is to empower the members of the club with collective knowledge, skill, and integrity to propel themselves towards achieving their goals in the financial world. We strive and put our best to give our members and peers a great experience and also keep informed about the world of business and finance.
● To boost interest in Finance on the campus through competitions, workshops and other events.

Serenata Chorale – Choir Club

“SERENATA CHORALE”, the performing choir of St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, is one which boasts itself of having both classical as well as contemporary music. The choir of St. Josephs College of Commerce is filled with enthusiastic individuals who want to spread love and happiness through songs and melody. The association held many events this year beginning with Glorious. The choir managed to bag a place in all the competitions that they took part in during this Christmas season. The choir also performs in college on various occasions. The choir also hosts the annual choir concert “Resound” in the month of February and this year it was hosted on 23rd February 2020. Various music groups and bands from across Bangalore also take part. The proceeds of this event, are given to two charitable organizations, ‘The Devadasi Project’ and ‘Bright Hope Foundation’.

Quiz Club

The Quiz Club of SJCC which was started in 2019, aims to promote and develop a healthy quizzing culture in the college. The club also encourages members and students to participate in quizzing competitions held within and outside the college and give training in quiz creation.

● To inculcate a spirit of inquiry and inquisitiveness among students and to help them learn about the world at large.
● To develop informed students with a well-rounded worldview, and engaging them with like-minded people.
● To provide members with adequate training in hosting quiz events and preparing questions which are not solely based on rote learning.

Youth Red Cross

The motto of YRC is "To Serve".
The Youth Red Cross (YRC) is a well-known voluntary and humanitarian organization. The association aims to provide relief and help in times of disaster/emergencies and build awareness on health, care and hygiene. The mission of Red Cross is to inspire and encourage the youth towards serving the society and fostering friendly relationships.

● Impartiality: It makes no discrimination as to nationality, race, religious beliefs, class or political opinions. It endeavours to relieve the suffering of individuals, being guided solely by their needs, and to give priority to the most urgent cases of distress
● Voluntary Service: The Youth Red Cross is a voluntary relief movement not prompted in any manner by desire for gain.
● Unity: The Youth Red Cross is one family and must be open to all. It must carry on its humanitarian work throughout its territory.

Involvement in Outreach :
The Red Cross is a renowned humanitarian organisation known for its effective work world over. In order to engage the younger generations in such work, the body has been simulated in our college and come to be known as the Youth Red Cross. The association conducts a host of activities during the years – like blood donation camp to encourage students to do their part and cater to the needs of the community and rural exposure camps (organised in collaboration with the NSS) to educate them on numerous aspects relating to the same. The association also organises talks and seminars where prominent social activists and speakers inform students on various issues of humanitarian concerns.

Hindi Parishad

Motto of Hindi Parishad: Universal Harmony, Unity in Diversity & Light of Knowledge. The Hindi Parishad of St. Joseph's College of Commerce is an assembly of men and women to recognize scholars of achievement in “Letters and Literature.” Hindi Parishad educates its members to improve the standards of Literature and Literary criticism through different skills. The Hindi Parishad conducts its Intra-collegiate Fest, Indra Dhanush, and Inter-collegiate Fest, “Nakshatra”.

● Educating the importance of the rich heritage of our country through social commitments.
● Guiding students to find out their capability by encouraging them to be an active participant in conducting various events.

Eco Club

Eco Club thrives to make a change in society as well as people’s minds. It influences us to make our environment healthy, eco-friendly and make sure the students acknowledge the harsh realities of climate change.
The Eco Club initiated the ‘Plant a Sapling’ Challenge on World Nature Day. This urged all the students to plant one sapling and challenge five people to do the same.
Eco Club upholds the motto of “Self-Development - Fellowship Through Service”

● We want to make sure that the students take small but effective steps to contribute to a healthier and cleaner environment.
● The club’s annual activity is to look into the expenditure of available resources on a day-to-day basis in the campus, organize the information, and analyse the wastage and ways of conserving resources.

Harmony Club

Harmony Club stands firm by its motto “Diversity And Inclusion” which was formed with the objective of promoting inter-religious harmony and to inculcate the importance of harmony and reconciliation in all aspects like religion, culture, language, social status, social-wellbeing and self-expression with varied dynamic themes for each academic year to ensure fruitful growth within the college.
The theme for academic year 2020-21 “Journeying with Youth in Unison for Serenity” has been designed keeping in mind the current situation and foster support to students. As there is a need for the youth to stay calm and work together for building a hope filled future.

Entrepreneurship Cell

The Entrepreneurship Cell at St. Joseph's College of Commerce seeks to instil an Entrepreneurship drive among the students of college. With its numerous workshops, seminars and summits, it aims to further the students' understanding of business - from how to chalk out a business plan to executing it.

● Build a growing network of entrepreneurship communities with colleges across the country, budding start-ups, potential investors and mentors in order to create an open channel of communication and information related to entrepreneurship.
● The Entrepreneurship Cell aims to be the bridge between students and their business/ideas by empowering them and providing them opportunities to develop and innovate.
● Provide hands-on experience to association members and develop skills in them that are considered crucial in becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Debating Society

The Debating Society is an association that brings about logical and quick thinking, sound argument and freedom of speech to the fore. It promotes thought and reason among students. Debate is the backbone of democracy in any political or cultural system. Debate is a part of the freedom of expression, which is our basic human right. Dissent is a big part of a democratic nation – and that is where debates come into being.

● To work on and build the skill set of each student.
● To provide the students with opportunities to showcase their skillset.
● To ensure societal awareness on topics relating to the wellbeing of every individual.

Association For Literature,
Music And Arts

Motto: Where Creation is a Journey
The Association for Literature, Music and Art (ALMA) acts as a stimulant to the many artistically-inclined students in the college. Apart from the organization of events that encourage students’ talents in the field of art, literature and music, the association also holds events that explore the creative world. Students enjoy the pleasure of engaging with the arts, and develop the nuance to understand and speak about artistic experience.

● Appreciate the nuances of Art, Literature and Music.
● Create opportunities and platforms that facilitate this engagement with Liberal Arts.
● Hone the talents of students and help them explore possibilities within the Liberal Arts and Aesthetics
● Building the bridge between personal experiences and aesthetic narratives through conversations.

Hashmi Theatre Forum

Hashmi Theatre Forum Hashmi theatre forum is the performing dramatics association of St. Joseph’s College of Commerce and is named after the late theatre activist Safdar Hashmi. The forum stands as an integral platform for hundreds of young and passionate theatre artists. Hashmi Theatre Forum also prides on creating actors currently working in the film industry. More than a Theatre forum it stands as a platform with a vision of revolutionizing the world of theatre and entertainment industry. The various teams have also won most of the inter-collegiate fests we have participated across Bangalore. The flagship event of the forum ‘Enact’ is a national level theatre competition and is one of Bangalore’s oldest college level theatre competition which attracts the best performance.

Business Team

The Business team represents our college in various inter-collegiate commerce fests and competitions at not only national but also international levels. Each year the team carries forward the winning legacy of St. Joseph’s College of Commerce with fervent efforts and participation. The college business team provides all students an equal platform for their holistic development in this competitive business world while aligning with the objectives of the institution.

● To provide a platform for learning and holistic development.
● To bring glory to our institution by winning many fests and competitions.
● To provide all students an equal opportunity for their talent to be recognized.

Amnesty International Association

“Peace can only last where human rights are respected, where the people are fed, and where individuals and nations are free” – Dalai Lama.
Amnesty International is an association that campaigns for a world where human rights are enjoyed and people get what they deserve and are not taken advantage of.

• The overall mission is to undertake research and action focused on preventing and ending grave abuses of the rights to physical and mental integrity, freedom of conscience and expression, freedom from discrimination, and within the context of its work to promote all human rights.
• Amnesty International association believes in the power of ordinary people and stands for what is right with hope and clarity.

Involvement in Outreach :
Amnesty International is an association that campaigns for a world where human rights are enjoyed and people get what they deserve and are not taken advantage of. The Association organises talks and events which highlight the injustices and violence within mainstream society and works towards the possible solutions to bring about peace and humanitarian aid within such spaces. The students of the association also conduct the “Big Day Off” programme in order to commend and bring attention to the tremendous work of the support staff of college. Open mic events and other programmes are held to provide an opportunity for students to express themselves and their solutions for world peace and deliverance of justice in the larger society.

College Editorial Committee

The Editorial Committee, consisting of writers and editors, is entrusted with responsibilities regarding compiling, developing, reviewing, and editing the content for the College Annual Report, Blue Chip magazine and the Association Newsletter.
TThe committee through its initiatives, such as Workshops and Literary Fests promote skills in the field of creative writing, editing and reporting among students.

College Editorial Committee, with an aim to create a passion for reading and writing amongst students, maintains the college blog - SJCC Writes, which carries articles, opinions and creative writing by the students.

Media and Graphic Design

Clicking an image, capturing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.
The media and graphic design team of college primarily designs posters, clicks photographs and covers all events in college from panel discussions to seminars and from intra-collegiate to inter-collegiate fests like Kalotsav and Dhwani. The photos and videos are used in the college website, the college magazine and in its official social media handles. The media team also catalogues all the photographs and videos of the college and this in turn helps as evidence for NAAC documentations.

The media and graphics team builds the spirit of leadership, teamwork and gives platform for their innovative expression by giving equal opportunity to everyone to showcase their talent of capturing an event or designing a poster.

Youth For Democracy And Constitution Association

Youth for Democracy and Constitution is an association that embodies the principles of promoting democracy, upholding the constitution, and safeguarding human rights.

Through various creative initiatives and activities, the association aims to empower young individuals to actively engage in democratic discourse, become responsible citizens, and contribute to the betterment of society.

Through its educational initiatives, advocacy efforts, and community engagement, this association plays a pivotal role in nurturing the next generation of informed and responsible citizens who are committed to building a just, inclusive, and democratic society.

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