Online Content Development Facilities

Electronic content is also known as digital content. It refers to the content or information delivered over network based electronic devices. The Media Lab provides with high configuration Intel i9 computers and Mac system with popular media production software like Adobe's Creative Cloud suite. Equipment's like high quality photo scanners, DSLR cameras, microphones, and other audio peripherals. Staff members of media lab are sufficiently skilled to help with various projects on a video presentation, editing, creating images for a research paper.

Staff and students makes extensive use of media lab facilities such as recording, video editing, brochure creation, poster designing are able to create such e-Contents which helps student community to connect to the concepts pertaining to various subjects delivered in the institution in a flexible manner that is convenient to student's community to be accessed at their ease and comfort. These materials are not only restricted to academics, contents pertaining to extracurricular activities and various informative sessions of interests are also made available.