Mentors at SJCC play a pivotal role in fostering the holistic development of students under their guidance. Their primary responsibility is to offer unwavering support and personalized guidance to address the individual needs of each student. In the first year of undergraduate classes, two mentors are assigned, while second- and third-year classes, as well as postgraduate classes, have one mentor each, specializing in their respective fields.

The mentors contribute significantly to the overall development of students by maintaining detailed ‘Mentors Files’, meticulously documenting the progress and particulars of their mentees throughout their tenure at the institution. Serving as a vital link between students, departmental staff, subject teachers, and parents, mentors act as advocates for students, facilitating effective communication and addressing academic challenges and personal concerns.

Recent research on mentoring in the educational context emphasizes its role in nurturing the growth of the whole person through guidance, intensity, reflection, and regulated learning. Unlike other mechanisms such as coaching, induction, or training, mentoring is distinct in its emphasis on the mentor-mentee relationship and the sense of belonging and connectedness it fosters. It is not a one-way street, a cure-all, or a singular intervention to fix problems; instead, it involves a continuous learning process for both mentors and mentees as they work together to expand their goals.

In the advanced academic landscape of SJCC, the institution acknowledges the significance of mentoring and adheres to an approach that aligns with contemporary definitions. Mentors at SJCC guide students through their academic journey, fostering an environment that promotes the mental and physical well-being of students, preparing them to be individuals committed to serving others. In this era of academia, SJCC recognizes the dynamic nature of mentorship, ensuring that it remains an evolving and enriching process for all involved.