Students Welfare

The Student Welfare Office provides support to students for enriching their academic and co-curricular activities on campus. This office also facilitates in providing a pro- active learning environment to help students progress in their educational journey.

Roles and Responsibilities:
1. Create and maintain healthy relationships between members of the faculty and students by communicating relevant feedback provided by the students.
2. Student welfare officers will disseminate important information to the students through the class mentors and representatives.
3. Listen to students’ grievances and coordinate with the Student Grievance Redressal Cell SGRC.
4. Conduct periodic meetings with the class mentors and representatives on matters concerning the welfare of students.
5. Arrange for special care of economically weaker students with regard to mid- day meals scheme and direct them to the Finance Officer.
6. Address grievances of the students about hall tickets and release of certificates.
7. To maintain general discipline, collect relevant facts about incidents of indiscipline, evaluate evidence and arrive at solutions to the problems encountered.
8. Will approve the leave note of students absent for more than 3 days and the same will be recorded by both, the welfare officers and the class mentors.
9. To ensure and follow up on security requirements such as wearing college tags while on campus to ensure safety and security.
10. Students who are not attending classes but found loitering on the campus will be dealt by the faculty members of the institution and if required these students have to be directed to the welfare officers.
11. Be accessible to students during designated times and at designated places.

Student Welfare Officers at SJCC
1. Prof. Ravi Richard
2. Dr. Suganthi Pais

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