ERP Room

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The ERP Department operates seamlessly with state-of-the-art infrastructure hardware and ERP software, expertly managed by a dedicated team of professionals. This adept team provides specialized backend support to address service requests from various quarters, including management, faculty, students, and other stakeholders. Their commitment ensures the efficient functioning of the system and timely resolution of any concerns.

In line with the dynamic landscape of hardware technology, the ERP software has transitioned to a Cloud platform, incorporating essential backup and security features. This strategic move not only enhances the system's flexibility but also ensures a robust and scalable operation. The Cloud-based setup allows for greater accessibility and adaptability, meeting the evolving needs of the educational institution.

Students, staff, and parents benefit from user-friendly portals that grant them access to up-to-date information. The ERP software plays a pivotal role in managing the complete life cycle of students, from admissions and enrollments to tracking academic performance. Integrated with online payment gateways, the software facilitates digital payments for fee collections, streamlining financial transactions and contributing to a more efficient and transparent administrative process. This comprehensive approach underscores the department's commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of all stakeholders.

ERP Department Staff:
□ Mr Avinash AR – ERP Manager (BE, MBA)
□ Ms Marry Steffi – Assistant Professor (M. Com)
□ Ms Agnes Deepika- ERP Assistant (BSc)
□ Mr Vinod Kumar- ERP Assistant (M. Com)