Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, Autonomous (SJCC) website and reviewing our privacy policy. We respect the privacy of those who visit our college web site. In accordance with this, we have created this policy in order to demonstrate our privacy commitment to our users.

We collect no personal information about you unless you chose to provide that information to us. We do not give, share, sell, or transfer any personal information to a third party except by statutory bodies and law authorities. If you want to know more about how we record non-personal information about your visit or how we use information that you voluntarily submit, read on Non-personal information. During your visit of our website, if you only browse through the website, read pages, or download information, our website's collaboration system will automatically record some general information about your visit.

During your visit, our web operating system will record:
The type of Operating System that you use (such as Windows, UNIX, Mac or others).
The type of Browser (such as "Internet Explorer version X " or "Chrome version X").
The Date and Time, you visit our site, and the web pages that you visit on our site.
The Internet Domain for your Internet service, such as "" or "" if you use a private Internet aces account or "" if you connect from college or university domain.
We use this information for statistical analysis, to help us make our site more useful to visitors.
This tracking system does not record information about individuals.