The College Anthem & Motto

The College Anthem
Ring out the battle call of the Duty!
Unfurl the flag of FAITH AND TOIL!
We deem our soul's eternal beauty
A life-long Victor's worthy spoil.

A thousand such are proudly gone before us
to win and spread our College renown;
'tis ours to swell with our voices the chorus
and with our deeds enrich her crown.

Faith and toil
conquer less alliance wherein we clasp human hands unto God's
Instill his control find we true self-reliance,
My hand and God's - whatever the odds
My hand and God's - whatever the odds
My hand and God's evil's onset hold in defiance!

The College Motto

The crest is to an institution what the insignia is to a military general. It symbolizes its ethos, status and purpose. The crest of St. Joseph's College of Commerce spots two scrolls – one above, on which is inscribed the motto of the institution in Latin – 'Fide et Labore', meaning ' By Faith and Toil', and the other beneath, the name of the institution. 
  A shield at the center bears the cross which is symbolic of the Christian faith; and the two bees on either side of the lower part of the cross are an expression of tireless work. Further the palm leaves encircling the shield are a call to victory, and the crown above, the crown of glory.
  The college motto is 'Fide et Labore' which means 'By Faith and Toil'. Faith, among other things gives a person commitment to God, to his fellow beings and to intellectual pursuits. Toil is the prerequisite for success.