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Clubs And Associations Of The Department Of Commerce

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ComVerse is a discussion forum organized by the Department of Commerce. The name of the association is a portmanteau of “Commerce” and “Converse”, signifying its functioning. ComVerse undertakes conversations about the various current events in the field of Commerce. ComVerse seeks to present complicated and intricate matters through easily understandable mediums by holding discussions about various topics that pique the interest of the general population.

The conversations are undertaken in the form of panel discussions and therefore, deliver exposure to all the members who participate and attend the sessions. The sessions conducted are also uploaded onto the Youtube Channel of the institution to allow students on campus to view and refer the videos on the specific topics as and when required and can be viewed by the future batches.

● To enhance the public speaking skills of the students through active participation as panel members.
● Building of strong communication skills and encouraging a new range of orators in the Department.
● Building of confidence and interest in students to take up panel discussions on topics outside their comfort zone.
● To broadcast the panel discussions on the College Youtube page for immediate and future viewing and therefore, providing students with vital information on the topics undertaken.
● Covering of panel discussions on current world dynamics while helping viewers and panelists to understand the pros and cons of the economic and commercial developments.
● To facilitate students to interact and socialize with students from different classes and backgrounds in order to bring about healthy discussions and opinion sharing.

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Mainframe Research Forum is an association by the B.Com Department to encourage a research culture among the undergraduate students in the Department. The main purpose of the forum is to inculcate a habit of critical thinking among the participants. Critical thinking is expected to generate questioning habits which may further lead to intelligent solutions and develop a proper foundation for learning environment.

Workshops, personal attention of trained guides and other training sessions are organized to sharpen the skills of students with an inclination towards research. It provides ample assistance to the research scholars in terms of mentorship by faculty members and senior students in the Department, orientation programmes, step-by-step learning of the essentials of a research paper and the art of research paper presentation at the end of the term. The presented papers are published in journals with ISBN numbers and therefore, present undergraduate students with the opportunity to learn new skills and build their resume in a more comprehensive manner.

● Create an ambience of research culture among the undergraduate students.
● To create an awareness regarding the research work carried out in various fields to facilitate collaborative research.
● Motivation of interdisciplinary research among the research scholars and facilitate exploration of innovative and diverse topics.
● To educate the undergraduate students about the facilities such as equipment, machinery, software and other provisions available in relation to research.
● Provide step-by-step mentorship and interaction by and through faculty members on campus well versed in the art of research.
● Training of students on the methods and skills required to carry out a successful research paper presentation.

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Colosseum is initiative of the Department of Commerce. It is an interactive presentation platform designed to improve the student community's awareness on current developments and events in the field of commerce across the globe. The association conducts class-to-class presentations on a monthly basis. This helps to build the vital abilities such as a public speaking confidence, knowledge of the subject, interaction with other members of the department, and co-curricular exposure.

Colosseum is an enriching platform provided which serves a duality of benefit. Firstly, it provides a stage for students, requiring them to research and share insights on pressing commercial and business topics and improves their presentation skills in the process. Secondly, it helps other students gain perspective on topics they are otherwise not well versed with.

● To allow students to understand and analyze current developments in the field of commerce and economics.
● Inculcate research skills and presentation skills among students.
● To help the students to think critically and develop the habit of raising rational questions.
● Provide a platform for collective participation of students.
● To open up opportunities for intra-class discussions on different topics.
● To bring forward the effects of the current developments on the society and the economy as a whole.

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Connect Series is an association of the Department of Commerce which facilitates students to gain perspectives on the working of the real world. The association brings in experts and professionals from the industry to interact and provide information to the students of the Department on the recent developments in the commercial and economic environments along with subject-based sessions to supplement teaching from internal faculty members.

Connect Series conducts sessions containing both theoretical and practical learning that enhance the student’s capacity to understand complex topics, example and illustration related learning, real life events, understand and learn from the personal experiences of the expert speaker and to apply the knowledge in both classroom academics, and also interview and career oriented challenges in the short and long run.

● Help students to gain clarity on the subjects and topics in the syllabus by complementing classroom learning.
● Provide opportunities for the students to have two way interactions with the industry experts andclarify ambiguities.
● To give the Final Years Students an industry based approach to theoretical subjects toincrease corporate knowledge.
● To undertake discussions a wide range of topics in order to not restrict the students on a single topic.
● Depict the environment of business on a broader horizon and provided insights into the working of various types of businesses.
● To provide practical sessions to the students in order to help understand and apply corporate knowledge in a better manner.

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We Speak Association is a club that teaches public speaking and communication skills along with leadership skills to create a modern generation of public speakers with a flair for putting their opinions and thoughts across in a positive manner. The association encourages budding orators to form and refine their speaking skills on topics of their interest and on topics which boost current affairs knowledge and research. The association hosts multiple events, sessions and competitions all aimed at growth of public speakers in the Department of Commerce. The association promotes analytical thinking, oral expression and thought, constructive evaluation, good fellowship, mutual understanding through more effective communication, and develops the capacity for leadership.

● To created a spirit of confidence among the students.
● Enhancethe speaking skills of its members.
● To work on widening the vocabulary range of the members.
● Improve communication skills, and thus produced future orators.
● To mentor students through sessions and activities by internal and external orators.
● Providepeer feedback essential for growth and mutual development.

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ComUnity is an association for the students of the Department of Commerce to interact and interplay with the real world situations while in college. ComUnity was designed to connect the students of the Department and establish a link between the newly joined members of the Department with the existing members. ComUnity aims to help new students overcome their fears, familiarize them the working of the Department and the College, and also helps them to explore and excel talents, hobbies and skills.

There are events and activities conducted throughout the year that work on improving communication skills, social skills, presentation skills and activities based on basic and modern commercial tasks and functions such as the stock markets. ComUnity builds networks throughout the Department allowing for easier access and efficient functioning of various other associations and classes and therefore, unites the Department of Commerce under one roof.

● Strive to bring the students out of their comfort zone through the organization of events on new and upcoming topics and trends.
● Create an atmosphere of business festing culture among the students through activities concentrating on the latest and prominent business fest activities.
● Ease the introduction of the first year students into the student community in the Department by holding activities that involved interaction with existing students of the Department and alumni members.
● Create and strengthen unity within and between the classes of the Department through teamwork-based activities and events.
● To prepared the first year students for the different business and cultural fests of the college through briefing of the fests and brainstorming sessions to develop fresher ideas.
● To form calculative skills and presentation skills among the students.

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The Erudition Association was formed to promote the case study culture among the students of the Department of Commerce by providing real life scenarios andsituations, and thereby improves their application of theoretical knowledge learnt in the classroom,helping them to adapt and think quickly and efficiently. The association was formerly a National Level Case Study Competition formed in the Academic Year 2017-2018 and converted into an association in the Academic Year 2018-2019.

The case studies cover diverse topics from accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, current affairs and popular case studies used by different professional bodies, agencies and corporations to enhance quick logical and practical reasoning. Student members of Erudition are guided on the essentials to be understood in terms of tackling of case studies, formulating the solutions to the case provided and professional presentation of the solution with clear thought and ample supporting proof with adequate application of principles and laws from the commercial world.

● Test the decision making and problem solving skills of the students in the Department.
● To help students to gain feedback and advice from eminent Industrialists on their problem solving techniques.
● Provide insights about thechallenges and rapid changing nature of the business environment.
● To establish a National Level and International Level Case Study Competition.
● To allow students to explore and examine areas of the economic and commercial spheres such as taxation, accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, environmental laws, public reporting and many others.
● To transform into a single platform at the college level for any matters related to professional courses and the students.
● Maintain a database of the students pursuing various professional courses and provides follow ups on each of their progression in the same.
● The members who are up to date on contemporary topics and latest Amendments in the field of Taxation, Accounting and Secretarial standards, Audit, Companies Act, Union Budgets and so on, make presentations to enlighten the other students on campus.
● To provide student talks and discussions with alumni and industry professionals in order to widen their understanding of the professional courses and to bring about a clearer future career path

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Lakshya is a vibrant initiative of the Department of Commerce to bring to the forefront the social issues and dangers faced by the society and combines the power to make a positive change through students of the Department. The association channelizes and translates the business and commercial skills of the students toward problem solving and effective tackling of the environmental problems.

The association creates awareness among the student communities about the different pressing social issues at hand and encourages student to recognize, acknowledge and brainstorm towards adequate solutions. Lakshya has revolutionized festing culture among educational institutions across the country through the formation of its National Level Fest on the social theme for the year on which it bases all its efforts and activities. The association provides students with an opportunity of holistic growth by supplementing business learning with social awareness and action.

● Create social awareness and social responsibilities among the student community.
● To channelise the business and problem solving skills of the students towards social issues.
● Revolutionisefesting culture among educational institutions by introducing activities and events based on real life social menaces.
● To concentrate on a different social problem every year in order to bring to the limelight multiple social issues such as garbage dumping, water scarcity, and climate change.
● Promote the development and usage of more eco-friendly methods and items among the student community.
● Partner with different NGOs and organizations to enhance research on the social problem and increase public knowledge.

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The Tech Ally association provides the technical support required by the Department of Commerce forthe numerous and diverse events conducted throughout the Academic Year. This Association looks after the digital designing, media and editing, video and photography, public relations and the social media management for all the events and activities undertaken by the various associations and programmes of the Department. The team actively promotes various and catalogues events ranging from workshops, guest lectures, seminars, activities, achievements of students and programmes to the orientation sessions.

Tech Ally enhances the technical abilities of the student members by providing a platform to learn about the designing and editing software used on campus.

● Develope a platform for students to learn moreabout designing and editing software.
● Createa common platform for the representation ofthe technology driven community.
● To work together with the other associations and programmes of the Department to ensure timely documentation and capture of the events and activities conducted.
● Promote creativity through photography, videography and designing among the interested students and the team members.
● To educated the members about the need for essential technical skills and encourage them to improve their technical skills through practice.