Creating "Lifespace"

St. Joseph’s College of Commerce creates an ambiance which nurtures experiences that have a deep impact on the lives of students, faculty and associates. This environment is distinct precisely because it makes provision for a “Life-space.” A lifespace is a psychological and intellectual space where growth is fostered to hone the ethos-sensitive social and physical dynamics that propagate it. “Lifespaces” are created hand in hand through the college’s vision and mission. The vision of the college focuses on three aspects – an authentic search for knowledge; in service of society and its progress; by upholding the dignity, uniqueness and value of each individual. The mission of the college oversees the creation of a place where knowledge and a sense of responsibility to community life coexists with academic excellence. This also envisions the virtues of understanding and commitment to a life lived generously in the service of others. The vision and mission of the college ensures the inculcation of an awareness for the value of holistic education. More importantly, this fosters empathy for the less privileged sections of society. This dynamic environment of sensitivity and creativity is laudably visible in all its academic curriculum, co- curricular and extra-curricular activities. The Institution has crafted and curated numerous outreach programs, in addition to the mandatory NSS programs. These inclusive initiatives have brought about evolutionary changes in the social lives of students and faculty members. The Institute with its distinctive approach has established a well-oiled structure of governance and administrative mechanisms to ensure speedy implementation of purpose-oriented programs. The programs prioritise the organisation of various educational and awareness programs that aids in the honing of students who are both skilled and self-reliant. In addition, it fosters their enthusiasm to complete tasks confidently and pro-actively face the challenges of the fast-changing world.

These include,
• Striving for academic excellence in learning, creativity and practical thinking.
• Addressing the needs of the poor and the marginalised.
• Catering to the needs of the students from diverse backgrounds, irrespective of caste, community, religion, race or social status.
• Pursuit of the three interlinked goals of the College – Academic excellence, Social concern and Character formation
• Holistic education – To inculcate and foster intellectual, physical, spiritual, social and emotional development.
• Creating a thirst for knowledge and making a difference in society through social commitment.

Taken together, these initiatives have contributed in the creation of an organisational culture that is uniquely its own—one that strengthens all the activities of the college and interweaves the objectives of its stakeholders to form an educative community that serves the society. This distinctiveness has created an extraordinary campus which is blessed with well deserving students, faculty members and a concerned management. Through the meticulous devotion and ecological consciousness of all its members, the college, also ensures a healthy biodiversity with utmost reverence for the gifts that nature has endowed upon us. The graduate students of the college are relentlessly driven by the faculty members into being intellectually competent and spiritually inspired. The social activities that they partake in and the initiatives they undertake are bound to leave footprints wherever they go. The outstanding examples of this cultural distinctiveness are our distinguished alumnae. Our Alumni, former chairman of Amnesty International, Mr. Sahil Shetty is a noteworthy example, among many who have achieved extraordinary accomplishments in society, through our meticulous efforts.