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M.A., M.P.A. (Master in Performing Arts)., Ph.D (NET Qualified)

Additional Qualification
  1. Qualified NET (National eligibility Test by UGC) in Performing Arts/Drama. (June 2009)

  2. Qualified NET (National eligibility Test by UGC) in Kannada (June 2011)

  3. Diploma in Theatre Arts from Neenasam in 2001

Work Experience
  1. Assistant Professor, St. Joseph’s College of Commerce From 2006 to till date (12 years)

  2. Visiting Faculty for Drama in the Department of Performing Arts, Bangalore University For two years i.e. 2010/11 and 2011/12

  3. Guest Faculty, Diploma in Theatre Arts of M.E.S. Rang shale. The Course is approved by Kannada University, Hampi. From 21-04-2011 to 30-04-2011.

  4. Worked as a faculty of English in Kongadiyappa College, Doddaballapur

Areas of interest

Literature, Theatre in Education, Drama, Cultural Studies, Tribal Studies, Psychology and Counselling.

Awards and Honours
  1. Best Director Award for directing the Play ‘Gadagadele Gangadhara Swamy’ by Spoorthi Kalavidaru on 17/11/2003

  2. An Article has appeared in the New Indian Express on 25 th april ,2003

  3. Best Play Award for directing the Play ‘Jategiruvanu Chandira’ by Christ University on January 2010

  4. Best Script Award for The Play ‘The Gash. . ." Performed by Hashmi thetre forum of St. Joseph’s College of Commerce .0n 11 th February 2012 in the National Level Theatre Competition by Christ University. The Play is Written by T.H. Lavakumar.

  5. Best Performance Award for The Play ‘Kattale Daari Doora’ Performed by Hashmi thetre forum of St. Joseph’s College of Commerce .0n 10/02/2013 in the State Level Theatre Competition by Rangotri, Bangalore. The Play was directed by Lavakumar.

  6. Worked as One of the three judges for the Theatre Competition conducted by Vijaya Karnataka Daily News Paper from April 30 to May 3 rd ,2014

Papers Presented in International Conferences
  1. Presented a paper ‘Marginality, Globalization and theatre’ in the International conference Conducted by Bangalore university and ISTR (25th& 26 Jan 2008) in. Bangalore

  2. Presented a paper ‘Gender, State and The Politics of Representation in MahaShweta Devi’s Mother of 1084’ in the International conference Conducted by Dept Of Performing Arts. Bangalore University (27th &28 Th March 2013)

  3. Presented a paper ‘’Alternative Pedagogy in Education: Théâtre in the International conference Conducted by Central University of Rajasthan and ISTR (Indian Society for Theatre research) 8th to 11th January 2014.

  4. Presented a paper ‘The Absence of Society in classrooms: Theatre as a creative Intervention’ in the International conference Conducted by Dept Of Performing Arts. Bangalore University 4th to 6th April,2017

Papers Presented in national Conferences
  1. Presented a paper ‘Future of children’s theatre in India’ conducted by the Dept Of Performing Arts. Bangalore University, Bengaluru (March26-27,2010).

  2. Presented a paper ‘The Ritualistic Theatre and realism in eastern theatre’ conducted by the Dept Of Performing Arts. Bangalore University, Bengaluru (27th &28ThMarch 2012).

  3. Presented a paper “Theatre Education and Emancipation of Dalith” conducted by Bangalore University SC/ST Teachers’ Association. Bangalore University, Bengaluru (30 th to1st October, 2013).

  4. Presented a paper ‘Staging Kuvempu and Euripides; inter textual Experimentations’ conducted by Dept of English. Maharani’s Arts Commerce and Management College for Women. Bangalore (25th and 26th October,2013)

  5. Presented a paper ‘Limitations of classroom teaching; Théâtre as an Alternative pedagogy’ conducted by Padmashree Institute of Management and Science (26th April,2014 )

  6. Presented a paper ‘Theatre in Primary Education; Situation in Karnataka’ conducted by Dept Of Performing Arts. Bangalore University (13&14 of November ,2014)

  7. Presented a paper ‘Udyamasheelateya sadyategalu mattu unnata Shikshanadalli Rangabhoomi’ conducted by Surana College (3rd and 4th sept,2015)

  8. Presented a paper ‘Ranga sadyategala hinneleyalli kuvempu natakagalu conducted by Dept Of Performing Arts. Bangalore University (19th &20th March ,2015)

  9. Presented a paper ‘Theatre In education and the Emancipation of Vulnerable communities’ conducted by St. Joseph’s Evening College, Bengaluru ( 25th September,2017

  10. Presented a paper ‘The sociology of classrooms: Theatre as creative intervention’ conducted by St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, Bengaluru ( 4th December2017)

  11. Presented a paper ‘The Myths of Modern Education & The Theatre’ conducted by KSGH-Music and Performing Arts University Mysore ( March ,2018)

Brief summary of career

Dr. T. H. Lavakumar, a progressive writer grooming himself as a playwright and poet and hailing from Doddaballapura is working as a director in both Kannada and English theatre. Along with a degree from Neenasam he has done his Masters in Kannada, English and Psychology. He is currently working as an Assistant Professor at St. Joseph’s College of Commerce (Autonomous), Bangalore and is pursuing his Doctoral degree from Bangalore University on the topic “Theatre in Education: Problems and Possibilities”. He is a multi-talented person engaged in organization, education and movements along with transforming theatre into a lively and creative field.

Jategiruvanu Chandira, Uriya Uyyale, Tukrana Kanasu, Henada Mane, Kaniveya Neralalli, Yashodhare Malagiralilla, Kattale Dari Doora are some of the plays among the 22 plays he has directed in Kannada. In English he has directed 9 plays, which include Shoemaker’s Prodigious Wife, The Gash, Mother of 1084, Bobby’s Story, Death of an Actress, Our Town, Woyzeck. In Hindi he has directed Tagore’s Dhak Ghar, Kabuliwala and, Riti Ki Kahani. He has published more than 16 articles on the subject of theatre in newspapers like Hosatu and Agni. He has presented papers in more than 35 state, national and international seminars and conferences. Taking note of his writing the Karnataka Nataka Academy in 2011 granted him the prestigious annual fellowship to write a book on children’s theatre. He has also worked as Rural Coordinator for Karnataka Nataka Academy from 2006-2009 and in 2008 he had worked as the coordinator for ‘Janapada Jatre’, Bangalore Rural.

He has conducted theatre workshops for organizations like Delhi Kannada Union, Samudaya, Sakhi Balaga (Hospet), Fedina, Oxfam, APD (Association for People with Disability), Dhatri Adivasi Kendra (Vizag, Telangana), Karnataka Rajya Raita Sangha, KArnataka Vimochana Ranga, Hengasara Hakkina Sangha, Bayalu Shikshakara Balaga and many others.

He also as written 2 Children’s Plays Male Haniya Jadu Hididu and Bedaru Bombe , translated Henada Mane and Baby Kathe written two major plays Kichillada Bege - A play to be published by Kannada and Culture Department of Karnataka on the topic of women and ‘Kindi’, a play on Kanakadasa - It has chosen by the Kanaka Adhyayana Peeta for publishing. He also has written and directed More than 47 street plays

Dr. T. H. Lavakumar
HOD - Kannada / Students' Governor / Theatre Club
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