Safety and Security

Gender equity, safety of women and sensitisation is an important aspect of the SJCC environment and culture. The college plays an important role in the spreading of awareness regarding gender sensitisation and women’s issues by organising various events that focus on the same. In the past, the college has organised talks on violence against women – both online and offline; workshops on women and writing were held by the Association for Arts, Literature and Music; and sessions informing the women students on menstrual health and use of menstrual cups was held by the Women’s Forum. The college also celebrates Eves day – where the girl child and her issues are addressed and women of the college are commended. The college associations organise talks and conduct orientation programmes, every year on relevant issues of gender equity and its understanding for the benefit of all students. Additionally, the college has an efficient and just system that provides students with the space to register gender-based discrimination/sexual harassment. The Sexual Harassment (Prevention and Redressal) Committee has a member from the counselling department, as well as a Lawyer from outside the college in order to ensure swift and fair means of justice.