Intervention projects

St. Joseph's College of Commerce in collaboration with BJES has completed three research projects on migration, livelihood and agriculture, poverty and education, and women and child health. These projects were undertaken with an objective of aiding the interventionist work in uplifting the lives of marginalized communities. The research, backed with concrete data and practical suggestions, is expected to help social workers working in these fields to develop a holistic understanding of the issues and thus develop programmes that cater to the specific needs of the community. The research projects also aim to influence the government policies on these issues. Below are the details of the completed research projects:

• "Socio economic implications of migration on the livelihoods of agricultural and unorganized laborers in Bijapur district" undertaken by Dr.A.M.Sheela as the Principal Investigator and Rev Fr. Jerry D’Souza SJ as the Co-Investigator.

• "Socio economic impact on poverty on enrollment and dropout in school education- a study in Raichur district" undertaken by Dr. Suganthi Pais as the Principal Investigator and Rev Fr. Anil SJ as the Co-Investigator.

• "Prevalence and assessment of women’s health and child malnutrition in Raichur district - with special reference to Manvi taluk" undertaken by Ms. Ravi Darshini as the Principal Investigator and Ms. Sanjana as the Co-Investigator.

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