Induction of SQAC - August 9, 2018

Induction of SQAC - August 9, 2018

Academic Coordinator from Student Council addressing the SQAC students August 9, 2018

Repository Team Member addressing the SQAC students - August 9, 2018

UGC Sponsored National Level IQAC Conference on “Quality Initiatives in Teaching, Learning and Evaluation Processes in Higher Educational Institutions” - August 24, 2018.

Dr. D. Jeevan Kumar Hon. Professor at the Karnataka State Rural Development and Panchayat Raj University released The Book of Abstract of the research papers received for the UGC Sponsored National Level IQAC Conference on 'Quality Initiatives in Teaching, Learning and Evaluation Processes in Higher Educational Institutions' - August 24, 2018

Orientation on Outcome Based Education (OBE) - September 9, 2018

IQAC initiatives 2018 - 2019

Academic Initiatives

  • New Program Initiated M. Com (Finance and Taxation/ Marketing & Analytics)
  • Orientation program for newly admitted students
  • Coordinated the Input sessions on Outcome Based Education (OBE)-Framework
  • Coordinated OBE Session – Design of question papers in alignment of course outcomes and its attainment
  • Book of Abstracts of Research publications of IQAC conference participants
  • OBE Session on assessment and computation of course outcomes and its attainment were coordinated
  • Gemba Talk – Pedagogical mandates of HEI
  • SQAC Staff Evaluation deliberations for class participation
  • ISBN Book of IQAC Conference proceedings on “Quality initiatives in Teaching, Learning and Evaluation in Higher Educational Institutions”
  • UBA-Integration with ANEKAL Jesuits for Village panchayat details
  • NTPEL membership by Library
  • UGC and NAAC Mentorship Program – drafted the 4-year plan
  • OBE complaint Question Papers Session Coordinator
  • Participated in the Jesuit Worldwide Learning: Higher Education at the Margins (JWL)
  • Trial and Pilot run of learning platform “Quicklrn” was initiated
  • Participated in UGC Initiative – Paramash
  • Conducted Discussion Forum on entrepreneurship, start-up and the government -Resource person – Mr. Sreevatsan – Senior Branch Manager, NSIC Rajajinagar
  • OBE Session – Attainment of Course Outcomes: An assessment Coordination

Administrative Initiatives

  • CPE utilization report sent
  • NIRF team peer perception discussion and data collection
  • Formation of the Student Quality Assurance Cell
  • IQAC Plan of Action for the Academic year 2018-2019 was formalized
  • Formation of the Repository and Information Processing team for data capturing
  • TQM discussion for Exams, Valuations, and planning
  • Participated in the Audit of exam department
  • TQM Discussion for NAAC 4th Cycle
  • CPE advisory Committee meet – Prof. R.K. Shukla & Dr. (Ms.) Minu B Madlani
  • IQAC News Letter Published
  • NAAC Process Team Formation
  • Alumni Association - OSA instituted the prestigious ‘Magis Awards’ to honour the achievements of the alumni.
  • Conducted the Quality Enhancement through NAAC Accreditation – A Practical outlook by Dr. Raman Principal, Kongu Arts and Science college
  • NAAC Steering Committee-implementation plan drawn
  • NAAC Steering Committee – Plan of Action discussion with entire staff
  • TQM-shift system introduced with approval
  • TQM-SSS Deliberations and team decision with process drawn
  • Participated in the Visit of the professors from The University of Applied Sciences Hof, Germany
  • UBA – Mandates - Bank details for release of funds
  • Coordinated the Visit by CPE Advisory Committee of UGC


  • MoU with Kongu Arts and Science College, Erode.
  • Coordination of MOU was signed in January 2019 between Kongu Arts and Science College and SJCC
  • Coordinated the six faculty members and the principal (Prof. N. Raman) of Kongu College of Erode, Tamil Nadu visit for Best Practice sharing
  • A session was arranged for the TQM members meeting with Prof. Madhu Rao, Associate Dean, School of Management, Seattle University, USA who visited the campus

Faculty Enrichment Programs

  • Faculty Development Program- QIP (Quality, Innovation and Prosperity) in Teaching Learning Process was conducted
  • E-prints software Training
  • Employee Development Program – housekeeping staff was conducted
  • Employee Development Program – Office Culture, Documentation and Audit
  • Staff Self-Appraisal
  • Faculty Development Program – QIP (Quality, Innovation and Prosperity) in Teaching Learning Process
  • Induction program for newly appointed staff.
  • Employee Staff Training – Administration and housekeeping staff members

Feedback Forum

  • Staff Self-Appraisal
  • Parent Teacher Meeting was conducted between 17th of August and 3rd of September
  • Student Feedback – Open house
  • Student Feedback – Women Open house
  • Staff Evaluation conducted for Odd semester
  • Staff Evaluation – conducted for even semester
  • Exit Interview conducted face to face with 120 students
  • Infrastructural redesign initiated as a result of Feedback – Action by the Management an additional space of around 2500sqft.
  • Initiated a project for replacement of Fluorescent Tube Lights and Comfort Fluorescent Light (CFL) by LED Lights

Humanitarian Initiatives

  • Staff Self-Appraisal
  • Training for life – women of Self-Help Groups in Vijayapur
  • IQAC and Unnat Bharat Abhiyan- UBA Scheme village selection done online
  • The Institution wide Human Rights Week Celebrations
  • Training for women SHG at Manvi and Pannur
  • Initiated the restructuring of the Vermi-compost


  • The Week - Best College Survey 2019
  • Times of India BBA Institute Ranking 2017
  • Times BBA Ranking participation
  • Participated in the Swachhata Ranking
  • NIRF Ranking participation
  • India Today Group – MDRA Best Colleges ranking 2019
  • Indian Today Ranking – participated

Workshops, Conferences and Seminars.

  • International seminar ‘Career in Management Accounting’
  • SQAC Workshops: Gemba Talks – Introduction, Repository
  • UGC Sponsored One Day National Level IQAC Conference on “Quality initiatives in Teaching, Learning and Evaluation in Higher Educational Institutions”
  • a workshop on Self-management by Br. Mani was coordinated
  • SQAC Workshop for student/teacher issues addressed by Fr. Principal
  • One Day Workshop "Intellectual Property Rights”
  • Conducted Intellectual Property Rights Workshop
  • Coordinated the international student seminar on ‘Business Innovation through Sustainable Development’