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Ms. Muktha

Assistant Professor

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To pursue a challenging career in the field of education that focuses on: a) Imparting knowledge, intellect and moral responsibilities to young minds enabling them to embrace and steer society in the right direction. b) Educational research which facilitates knowledge development with practical implementation and policy formation.

A professor with 29 years of collective experience in teaching and administration at Under-Graduation and Post-Graduation levels in both Colleges and Universities treats students like adults and goes beyond the call of duty in terms of helping students and holding office timings. One who not only know the subject material, but also knows how to teach it well. One who understands the student and concerns the class may have. A person distinct in terms of quality of teaching, involvement in the campus community, quality of research and administration. Values, Dedication and perfectionism are the important traits deeply rooted in self. Strongly believes in the vision and mission of the Institution.

Leading from front and setting as an example for others is an important principle followed. Several Quality initiatives in the areas of administration, governance, academics, examination, student wellbeing, welfare facilities, IT, co-curricular & extra-curricular, outreach etc., have been initiated and implemented in the span of the career and while holding important portfolios. An employee who never shy’s to accept any responsibility and goes an extra mile to complete the same with a difference.Always concentrates on Quality and has not given importance to numbers. Also, a strict disciplinarian and strongly believes in doing things with a well-defined objective to achieve. Strong believer in strategic planning and systematic execution of the same.

Have always been a mentor and a guide to many young faculty members and does not hesitate to share any professional/personal experiences or part with the acquired knowledge and experience with other colleagues for effective development. Maintains cordial relationship with every staff without distinguishing whether faculty, administrative or support staff. A person who strongly believes in equality and wellbeing of all.