Personal Counselling

At SJCC we believe in the holistic development of the students, which includes emotional and mental well-being. Students, at this juncture of their life, face difficulties regarding academics, relationships, career and other concerns, for which they require non-judgemental support.
The college has a counselling department comprising of four full time counsellors who provide a safe environment of confidentiality, free from judgment and intrusion, for students to share the concerns and challenges they face. The College counsellors have one-on-one personal counselling sessions, to deal with issues related to grief, peer-pressure, anxiety, etc.
Counsellors keep a track student performance in the areas of attendance and academic scores to monitor cases of students who are unable to perform due to personal and mental health issues. The college also emphasises on a strong mentorship programme through the respective class teachers. Counsellors also meet family members when the need arises. Counsellors create peer study groups for students who find subject-study challenging – especially, with emphasis on sports students.
Faculty Coordinator: Ms. Gretta Furtado