Rare Books

The library at St. Joseph’s College of Commerce makes a conscious effort to add rare books to its library collection, every year. It considers rare books as those books which are now out of print.

The library has the following categories of rare books in its collection:
Encyclopedia & Dictionaries
• Lexicon Universal Encyclopedia – a series of 21 books published in 1983 by Lexicon
• Medical Encyclopedia and Guide to Family Health a series of 3 books published in 1982 by Lexicon
• World Book Encyclopedia – a series 24 books published in 1993 by World Book Inc.
• World Book Dictionary

Special Collections
• Kannada Hasta Pratigala Varnanaatmaka Soochi
• The collected works of Mahatma Gandhi

Individual books
Preserving Rare Books: Rare books can only be accessed inside the library and they cannot be borrowed. These books are kept in a separate cupboard and proper care is taken to preserve these books from impact of weather and human usage. The books are also preserved using appropriate chemicals and silica gel is kept inside the cupboards to prevent the effect of moisture on the books.